How To Get Back On Track After Winter Break

No matter where you attend college, or are going to in the upcoming year, sometime in December you will be indulging in a lengthy winter break.

This break will likely consist of an enormous consumption of mom’s home cooking, long afternoons in your PJ’s, a complete hiatus from all brain-stimulating activity.

Fortunately for our stomachs, eventually this long academic vacation ends, sending us back to reality with a startling revelation:

We are definitely not ready to do the college thing again!

Regardless of when you make it back to campus, it can take weeks to establish your new schedule, revamp your sleep cycle, and motivate yourself to crack open the textbooks to begin another 16 week study binge.

But, not to worry! The girl yawning for the fortieth time in your history class is struggling right there with you. How can you not struggle to get back on track after the awesome break you just had?

As a struggling freshman myself who is just starting classes after four weeks of nonstop laziness, I’ve taken note of the few things students seem to be doing to get back in the swing of things.

Whether you’re in college or preparing to be, please remember these tips when you’re struggling to start the semester off right.

  • Eat right. If you don’t fill your car up with gas, it’s not going to run. If you don’t take care of your body, it’s not going to run efficiently either. As you start the semester off, and are reunited with the dorm food you’ve missed so dearly over break, make sure you are eating healthy, balanced meals.
  • Exercise! After a stressful move in, scrambling to buy books and finding your classes, combat your stress and relax by reuniting with your campus recreation center.
  • Establish a routine early on. It may be difficult to adjust to a new class schedule, but try your best to keep your body balanced by waking up, eating, and exercising around the same time every day. This will definitely ease your transition from vacation to reality.
  • Have a to-do list ready to go. Coming back to campus with a to-do list is a great way to get back in the swing of things, because instead of walking around aimlessly with no knowledge of what to do, you’ll hit the ground running!
  • Speaking of having a plan, establish some long-term goals for the semester too! Even with a few simple goals for the semester, like getting straight A’s or attempting to break your coffee addiction, you can establish healthy ways to pressure yourself into achievement. Plus, you can look back at the end of the semester at all of the progress you made, hopefully with a feeling of accomplishment.
  • Know when you’ve socialized enough. You’ve been away from all of your friends for a while, and now all you want to do is catch up with them! In a perfect world, this wouldn’t be a problem. However, make sure you leave time to prepare for your classes. Don’t forget that you have all semester to hang out with your friends, and only the first few days to start the semester off on a positive note.

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Kaitlyn Taylor

Kaitlyn Taylor

Kaitlyn Taylor is a freshman at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, pursuing a degree in broadcast journalism and a minor in Spanish. She comes from a small farm town of 1,000 in West-Central Illinois, making the transition to a large campus challenging. At school Kaitlyn is involved with the University’s Women Glee Choir, and also sings in her Church choir and is involved with her residence hall’s Resident Board. She enjoys writing, biking, and volunteering.
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