How to Get the Most out of a College Tour

One of the first major decisions you will make in your life is where you want to attend college.  Once you’ve decided between a community college and a university, the next step is picking which out of those to go to.  With most major decisions, you wouldn’t choose something without seeing it in person first.  The same should go for when it comes time to pick a college.  Visiting colleges is a fun and exciting experience.  Follow these tips to get the most out of your visit.

Plan Ahead

Do not show up to a school and expect that you will be able to get a tour or give yourself one.  Schools plan for these types of visits and will be able to schedule something for you if you give them enough notice.  Planned tours give you all the facts about the school and can answer any questions you might have.  Touring on your own will not be nearly as beneficial.

Avoid Visiting in the Summer

In order to get the best feel for the school and how it is, visit while classes are in session.  This way you can look into classes and observe how the students are and the faculty.  It is really the best way to see if you can see yourself there.

Take Notes

Chances are that you will be visiting a few schools at least.  After a while some of the facts or things you learned about the schools will begin to blur together.  Write down things that you liked and did not like about each school.  Also, bringing something to write with will be helpful when questions come up throughout the tour.

Make Sure you Visit the Important Places

Ask to see the cafeteria and the dorm rooms.  This is the best way to get a true feeling for the campus and how your first year will be.  Also, just seeing the basics won’t really give you the most out of your visit.  You need to see as much as the school as possible to be able to make an honest decision.

Talk to Other People

While the tour guides are great, ask random students and faculty members questions about the school.  Ask them what they love about it and what they do not love about it.  They will be more honest with you since the tour guides will not usually say bad things about the school.  Also, if you can, try talking to students when you are away from your family members, if they came with you for the visit.  Many students will feel obligated to say only good things in front of parents so this is a way to get the most honest answers.

Ask a Lot of Questions

Ask about the career advising, how the library is, if the dorm has quiet hours.  Come prepared to ask anything that may affect how you feel about the school.

By making the most of your college visit, chances are the decision will be easy.  Happy touring!

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Laura Szatkowski

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