How to Have Fun Around Campus (Even if You Don’t Have a Car)

With the onslaught of spring and (hopefully) more free time to be had, these next few months are very similar to the beginning of the school year, which got me thinking, “what will I do when I have spare time? More importantly, how will I get to enjoy the fabulous whether when I can’t drive anywhere, or when all my friends with cars are at home?”

Fortunately, after a few years, I have managed ways to get around that problem. Here are some suggestions that don’t involve video games, homework, or cleaning up your dorm:

  • Check Out School-Sponsored Events

It may seem obvious, but school sponsored events are a great way to  get out and off campus. In some cases, the school may regularly provide bikes or other means for rent, too. Your school may have deals with local theaters or performances, so you’ll be able to attend events for much cheaper than they regularly would. Not to mention, they usually will provide transportation in that case.

For bigger and more organized events such as dances, the prices would be a bit higher, but have their own merits, too, most likely food and a classy venue at least. Also, student clubs may have their own fundraisers or events off campus, which could provide a different, if not more specialized activity. It would almost certainly be sponsored just by your peers, as well, so there would be a separate spin on it, more in gear with the student life. Some RAs provide activities on the weekends as well, for the students that will be there.

  • Look Locally

This applies more towards suburban and city schools, rather than those set in “college towns,” but there’s almost always something of interest, either within walking distance or within walking distance of public transportation.  This ranges from local museums and zoos, to more common things like malls and movie theaters, or even parks if you’re an outdoorsy person.

Additionally, there are plenty of local events that go on year round, especially during holidays. Many of these places also have special student discounts, provided you have your ID card with you, or even different daily specials.

  • Explore Campus

This is especially useful if you’re a new student. Try going to sporting events, or looking at whatever venues for entertainment your school has. In my case, we have very lovely grounds, which I like to walk when the weather’s nice.  If you have a bigger school, then they probably have even more things set up for students on the weekends than just that. Most likely, at the very least, there is a rec that is open for your enjoyment. Give that a shot. With any luck, you’ll meet other people that share your interests and will be around the same time you will be.

And there you have it! These are just some simple suggestions to get you started on curing your boredom during your free weekends, when homework hasn’t yet taken over, and you find yourself inexplicitly alone. Get out there, and enjoy yourself. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to be enjoyable. What’s important is if you have fun.

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Stefanie Hughes

Stefanie Hughes

Stefanie Hughes is a senior at Benedictine University, with a double major in Writing & Publishing and Theology. She spends her free time working on Benedictine’s newspaper, The Candor, as well as being a member of Daughters of Isabella, Students for Life, and helping around University Ministry. Any other extra time is filled with reading, writing, cooking, video editing, biking or walking around the lake.