How To Make Friends In College

One of the biggest parts of leaving high school and entering college is making new friends your freshmen year.

More than likely, the friends you made in high school will be entering a college different from yours.

This leaves you with the nerve-wracking and sometimes frightening task of finding new friends so that your four or more years on campus will be enjoyable.

If you find the thought of making new friends in college a little scary, you are not alone. When I entered college freshmen year, I was lucky enough to have people close to me who were already in college and prepared to give me great advice on how to break out of my shell a bit and make friends.

One of those people was Lauren Porter, a May 2013 graduate from the University of Dayton.

Below is a recent interview she was kind enough to participate in and give a few tips on how to make friends in college:

Hi Lauren! Thank you so much for agreeing to do this interview!

Thank you for asking me! I’m more than happy to help where I can.

You recently graduated from college in May. Congratulations! How has that been for you?

It’s been a big accomplishment for me. I spent four years working hard to graduate and walking down that aisle to receive my degree was all worth it. It was amazing to share that experience with my graduating friends as well.

Where these friends that you’d made your freshmen year?

A lot of them were, yes.

Was it easy for you to make friends when you came from high school to college? I know for some students it is more difficult than for others.

Well, I’ve always been an outgoing person with a bubbly type of personality but I can admit that it was a little hard for me. Freshmen year was new territory. I’d just come from high school and I was in a new place with new faces so I was a little scared to go out there and talk to people. I didn’t know if I would be accepted or if they would like me.

How did you get over that fear?

I didn’t really get over it, I just worked through it. I made friends through the fear. The more I pushed through my fear and talked to people, the more comfortable I became. I found it became easier and easier to talk to people when I spoke to them despite how scared I might have been. Gradually, the fear disappeared.

What were some of the ways you met new people?

Well, I love music and I make music of my own. There was a specific spot on our campus that catered to the arts and music a lot so I went there and performed some of my music. I connected with a lot of people through music my freshmen year and we became friends. I also went out and became involved in different organizations and made friends through those my freshmen year.

So becoming involved on campus helped you make friends?

Most definitely. I highly recommend that incoming freshmen get involved in different campus activities, like intramural sports, community service organizations, social activities or sororities and fraternities. It is a great way to make friends with people who may be just as scared as you are to get out there and make new friends. And you’ll have fun in the process.

What other ways do you think are good for incoming freshmen to make new friends in college?

Orientation is a great place to meet new people. A lot of my friends I met freshmen year were people I met during orientation. We bonded over how boring orientation was. Also, class is a great way to meet new people. Reaching out to other students in class to make study groups or just do homework together is a great way to connect and make friends.

What advice would you give to incoming freshmen on making new friends in college?

I think the most important thing is to just be yourself. You want friends who like you for you so don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. It is easier when you are true to yourself, anyway. Also, go out there and get involved on campus. That’s the best way to meet new people. It’s okay to be afraid but work though that fear, Push forward. Things get so much easier when you work through the fear. You’ll make amazing, lifelong friends in college so be true to yourself and be kind to people.

That is great advice. Thank you so much for your time and amazing words Lauren. They are truly appreciated.

No problem! Thank you for interviewing me her.

Again, I would like to extend a huge thank you to Lauren Porter for allowing me to interview her. As made evident in her responses, making new friends in college can be challenging and frightening. Despite this difficulty, it is worth it.

Nothing can stop you from working through your fears. Be yourself and you’ll be great.

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