How To Make the College Application Process Less Stressful

You’ve found the college of your dreams.  It is the college that you see yourself at, exactly what you always pictured when dreaming about going away to school and you can’t imagine going anywhere else.  Now all you can do is hope that the people who work there see you there too.

The college application process can be overwhelming and stressful.  There are a few ways to help keep you on top of things while applying to colleges and also help make the decision a little less stressful.

1.  Make a timeline/schedule

Start preparing before you think you need to.  Create a timeline listing due dates for each college.  This will help you stay organized so you don’t forget parts of the application or miss any deadlines.  This is also a good way to ensure you get the essays written on time and ask for letters of recommendations early enough to give the writer enough time.  Keeping track of everything in a spreadsheet will be a good visual way to see how much you’ve completed and how much still needs to be done, and by when.

2. Thoroughly evaluate the college choices

You hear good and bad things about every college from your peers, teachers and parents.  While getting personal stories and opinions can be helpful, it is important to do your own research.  There are many good things about each college but until you go and see if you like it there, it is hard to decide.  Getting a full tour at each college you plan to apply to will help with your decision since you can compare each school and see what it is like to walk through that campus.  You may find that you like small schools better or that you want to go to a private school and then you can weed out all the rest.  College tours will definitely help you when deciding which colleges to apply to and where you want to spend the next four years of your life.

3.  Keep the decision your own.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind throughout the entire application process is that the decision is your own.  The people that care about you will want to give you their opinion and help you choose the right college.  By keeping organized and visiting colleges to see where you fit in, you will be prepared to make the best choice for yourself.  Obviously there may be some factors that will affect your decision like money or a specific major, but those are just things that will help you narrow down your decision more.  Pick the school that you feel most comfortable at and that seems like a place you can see yourself living.

You may get into the best school in the state and have your whole family hoping you go there, but if there are things you don’t like, or a smaller school has a better program that you are interested in, go with what feels right for you.  The college experience is what you make of it and you can be successful wherever you decide to go.

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Laura Szatkowski

Laura Szatkowski

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