How To Make The Most Of College Fairs

College fairs are a great way to get more information about getting into college. At these fairs, you and your parents can meet with admissions representatives from a wide variety of colleges and universities. There are a few things you can do to make sure you make the most of any college fair you attend.

Before the Fair

Be prepared: Before you attend a college fair, you’ll want to have some general questions answered. If you’re prepared, you’ll get a lot more out of the fair than you will if you go in blind. Before the fair, consider meeting with your guidance counselor and making a list of schools you want to learn more about. If you have a list of questions you want to get answered, you’ll get more out of the experience.

At the Fair

Stay focused: Students who have a clear focus will come away with the most information. These fairs can be huge – sometimes representatives from hundreds of colleges attend. If you go to every college’s booth, you’ll just end up with a pile of brochures and no real answers. Instead, focus on the schools that meet your criteria and ask the questions you’ve been dying to get answered: What is the admissions process like? How is campus life? Will you be able to get financial aid?

Stay and talk: Taking the time to talk to an admissions representative and filling out a contact card can pay off. Schools sometimes track applicants’ interest in their institution and may factor it into the admissions process. To stand out, ask focused questions that can’t be answered simply by reading the pamphlet. Highlight your own strengths and interests as a student; any effort you make to stand out from the crowd will pay off.

After the Fair

Follow up: While the information is still fresh in your mind, review your notes and look over the pamphlets of the schools you’re interested in. For the schools that stand out, consider taking the next step. Schedule tours for the schools in your area and check out the websites of the schools farther away. If you come up with any follow-up questions after the event, don’t hesitate to contact the representative you met with at the fair. You’ll get your question answered and impress him or her with your initiative.

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