How to Prevent Homesickness During Your First Year Away

While this may be your first time living on your own, it’s not uncommon to get a little homesick.

Many college freshmen feel homesick at least once during their first year at college.

While there isn’t any specific cure to your homesickness, you can at least decrease the feeling with these great tips.

Stay Busy

A good way to keep things off your mind such as homesickness is staying busy. While keeping active isn’t the cure to all problems, it will definitely keep you from sitting around and thinking about being homesick.

Some great ways to stay busy are exercising, hanging out with friends, and getting involved in an extracurricular activity.

Keeping to minimal activity will give you time to think about missing home.

Avoid constantly going home

Many students attend college within their own state of residency, which makes it easier to go travel between the two.

Going home on the weekends several times a semester doesn’t exactly help with getting rid of homesickness.

Cutting back on going home during the semester will help you adjust to your new lifestyle and eventually reduce being homesick.

Invite people from your hometown to visit

While constantly going home isn’t the best idea, inviting friends and family from back home to come visit you is!

A common part of homesickness is not being around the people you were constantly around before.

Inviting people to visit you who are from your hometown may help you better adjust to your new surroundings.

Bring things that remind you of home

Bringing a little bit of home into your new home is a great way to reduce homesickness.

What personal belongings make home comfortable to you? A favorite blanket, photos, or childhood stuffed animal?

Bringing things that are a part of your home and that you have an attachment may be comforting during times of homesickness.

One of the most important things my mother told when I was feeling sad or lost was, “you won’t always feel this way.”

This quote has helped me during the hard times in my life, one being during times of homesickness.

You must realize that with change comes uneasiness, however, this uneasiness doesn’t last forever.

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