How To Stay Healthy In College

Staying healhty in college is one of the toughest things to do for various reasons.

Whether it’s because you cannot find the time to go to the gym or because you have trouble eating the right kinds of food.

Simply put, your health in college is another obstacle you will have to overcome, but rest assured that there are simple and effective ways to change bad habits and learn how to stay healthy in college!

Monitor the food you eat

Eating is by far the worst and most difficult obstacle facing all levels of college students. Whether you are living on campus or going to college everyday from home; the temptation to eat fast food is incredible.

You go to your university cafeteria and the first things you see are chicken fingers, fries, burgers, or other greasy fast foods. This is not to say that you will not see salads or other healthy items, it’s just that they are not appealing as the more filling fast foods. Let’s be honest, how many times have you been filled up by a salad? Most likely never, unless it was accompanied by something else.

But aside from being less appealing in flavor, the fast foods are generally cheaper than the healthy foods. This might also turn you away from eating more nutritious items, because those not-so-healthy items are usually lighter on your budget. But please future and current college students, save your health by investing a little more money on healthier, greener foods that may indeed fill your stomach and save your heart.

Go to the gym

Working out is the second most difficult thing that students must overcome when learning how to stay healthy in college. Where can I get the time to go to the gym? Almost all colleges have a gym at your disposal. And best of all, the entrance fee is most likely free or a very small charge.

I cannot stress to you guys enough how essential it is to workout even if its once a week. It will help burn calories, keep your heart healthy, keep you fit, help relieve stress, and keep your mind fresh. If you cannot make it out to the gym ,then please try doing simple calistenics at home or in your dorm during down time It will do your mind and body a world of good.

Get enough rest

Lastly, a good sleep schedule is also important when considering how to stay healthy in college. Between classes, homework, part time jobs, and crazy weekends, we often forget to get the proper amount of sleep. This article follows the sleep patterns of college students around the country and discusses the detrimental effects of sleep deprivation.

Sleeping can affect everything from your ability to function properly and stay awake for class to your overall health. Staying awake in class is vital because of the important information often given out during lectures or small group sessions. Overall, sleep deprivation can affect many things, from your physically appearance to being able to fight common sicknesses.

To learn more tips on how to stay healthy in college, check out my video below.

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