How To Stay Healthy On Campus

This time of year, it seems like everyone is getting sick. This problem seems even worse on college campuses where you come into contact with a large number of people every day. If you find yourself feeling under the weather, there are a few things you can do…

Get some sleep

Freshman year, I came down with a cold at the beginning of winter. I foolishly kept going about my life as though I wasn’t sick – staying up late, going out, waking up early. I was loving college life and didn’t want to take any time off.

Since I wasn’t taking care of my body, my cold progressively worsened and I felt sick for a stretch of two months (I’m not exaggerating). When you’re sick, your body needs rest. If you stay in one weekend and get a lot of rest you’ll feel better in no time. Chances are, you won’t miss out on much. Your body will thank you.

Take advantage of the health center

Most students dread going to the health center, and feeling under the weather makes the trip even less bearable. However, it might be just what you need. If you’re sick and need antibiotics, getting a prescription will have you feeling better in just a few days.

Eat right

When you’re sick, unhealthy dorm food won’t help you feel any better. Since your parents aren’t there to cook for you, do the best you can and try to recreate some of mom’s comfort food. I usually make myself soup and drink lots of tea and water.

If you need to, skip class

If you’re feeling sick, don’t be afraid to let your teachers know you can’t make it to class. Since you’ll have a valid excuse, there should be no issues with making up work or getting the notes from a classmate. Skipping a day or two of class doesn’t have to mean falling behind – stay on top of your reading and keep up communication with your professors so you know what you missed and what you need to do for the next class.

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Selma Haveric

Selma Haveric

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