How to Write a Good College Essay

It is a very common task to write essays during college, and though it can be fraught with difficulties and tedium, if you have the right knowledge and the right mind-set, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. There are many things to appreciate in writing a great college essay, with some of the most important listed below.

Find an Interesting Topic

You are doing yourself a massive favor if you write an essay on a good topic, and you can make sure of this by being attentive and inquisitive during lectures and seminars. What aspects of the course are the least well-known, the most contentious or the most difficult to understand? Keep your eyes open for topics that interest you, and ask questions about interesting topics that are beyond the scope of the course. The more research you do in your spare time, the easier this process will be. Once you being formulating your own topic, utilize the advice and knowledge of tutors, lecturers and professors – they are not there simply to teach the subject.

Don’t Get Carried Away

You should definitely read the literature surrounding your subject and essay topic, but once you have a suitable essay topic, focus becomes a key factor in your research. Many students fail to terminate the general, holistic research process once essay planning begins, and while this is great for learning and understand the course, it wastes time and effort during essay planning.

Critical Analysis

A key test of a student’s skill is whether they can perform critical analysis. A school essay mainly analysis the research and presents the findings with the occasional personal opinion added, but college essays a thoroughly critical. To be successful in this, you must have enough knowledge of the subject to be insightful, reasonable and authoritative in your analysis, and you must analyze all research with a critical eye. Never step asking questions and never take information for granted.

Planning and Structure

Once you have the research stage finished and a pile of resources at your disposal, now comes to the time to plan what you are going to say and how you are going to say it. Mind maps let you develop your ideas and integrate them according to themes and arguments of your own – this is important for consistency and flow in your essay, and interesting and original writing. Once this is over now is the time to create a rough essay outline which orders the essay and the arguments within. The structure of your essay will depend on many different things, but you will almost always require a thesis statement, introduction, main body and conclusion.


Planning is important, but is always a good idea to write your essay freely at first. Writing a rough first draft is great as you can write with no worries or restrictions. If you let the pen flow and keep your planning in mind, you may be surprised at what you can create.

*The article is written by a writer.

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