I Picked a College, Now What?

For a large portion of your junior and senior years of high school, your days, weeks, and months had been dedicated to this moment: finally finalizing your college decision. You searched through countless amounts of catalogs and brochures. You sifted through websites, and maybe even this very blog.

You were stressed, exhausted and on edge. Until, one day, when the light beamed at the end of the tunnel, and all of a sudden you were registering for fall classes at the perfect college for you. As if the decision had always been clear and right in front of your face. Just like that, you became a college student.

So what was next? Besides all the financial stuff, the living off or on campus stuff, and even the academics stuff, what could you do to tell the world that you had made it? That you had survived probably the (so far) biggest decision in your life?

Here is a cute little checklist that will not only leave you feeling rewarded and appreciated for all your hard work, but will answer all those relatives and friends who, for months, have been asking that previously cringe-worthy question of where you are going to college.

Update your social media!

Other than screaming it from every rooftop, make a Facebook status and tag your new college. Tweet about the relief and excitement you feel to your followers. This is a fast and easy way of telling all those people you don’t normally see on a regular basis the great news! I know I felt a huge wave of pride the day I was able to make it “Facebook official” that I was to be among the 2015 graduating class of North Central College. You can also use this time to gain advice from people you know who went to your chosen college, and can give you some of the ins and outs of the school that you wouldn’t normally know.

Visit the college bookstore.

Here is your chance to both stock up on some college gear before school starts up and sport the name of your school everywhere you go. If you want to start off cheap and small, try small drawstring bags with your college’s mascot on the back or simple t-shirts that just say the name of your college. These are some hot ticket items that you will definitely find in your school’s bookstore and/or clothing store. This also gives your family the opportunity to purchase some clothes and items, allowing them to tote around you college’s name and brag about you every chance they get.

Transition into your college’s colors.

Whether that means dorm room décor or colors of your notebooks and pencils, choosing to buy things that display the colors of your college plants the seed for school spirit. By all means, don’t feel the need to deck out your entire style and/or room with red and black because those are the colors of your college. However, simple little things like a red bracelet or a red and black binder can get you feeling super excited for the upcoming school year.

Have a celebration!

This is a huge decision you have made; what better way to celebrate it than throwing a party! Besides that, you are graduating high school, it’s that time to put on some music, cut some cake, and enjoy the fact that you endured the college picking process AND four years of high school. Invite all your close family and friends out to share in the celebration. One interesting thing a student from my graduating high school class did was she made her party “your college choice” theme. All the seniors came in clothes and/or colors sporting the college of their choice. This was a fun way for everyone to only see where everyone else was headed off to for the following fall, but get one last chance to be together and enjoy each other’s company.

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Jordan Johnson

Jordan Johnson is a junior at North Central College in Naperville, IL pursuing degrees in journalism and interactive media studies. When she is not in the classroom, she balances her time playing for her school’s softball team and working at a local frozen yogurt shop. Jordan enjoys watching movies, thumb wars, and occasional trips into the windy city.
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