Is Double Majoring Right For You?

For some it’s hard enough choosing one major, but one of the solutions if you’re on the fence between two fields is double majoring. Of course, it’s not as simple as simply saying, “I’m going to major in English and Computer Science” if you like reading and working on computers. However, choosing which majors is only one of the aspects you need to consider when it comes to double majoring.

Can You Finish On Time?

Everyone’s situation is different. If you are midway through your sophomore year and adding another major’s course work on to your schedule will push you’re graduation date back another year, financially it may not be feasible. Albeit, most colleges set up their degree audits, or requirements, with a healthy amount of elective space so that if you choose to double major you may do so while staying on schedule for a typical four year degree.

Minor Schminor

OK so you don’t think you want to double major, but you definitely want to minor in a certain subject.  That’s great, but check what the requirements of a major and a minor are before making up your mind. Sometimes the difference between a minor and a major are only a couple more courses. Think of it this way: would you rather spend a semester taking easy lower level electives or buff out your resume, and knowledge, with another bachelor’s degree. Speaking of resume, which one do you think looks better on that valuable piece of paper?

You May Need It

Some majors aren’t meant to stand alone. This is especially true if you aren’t sure what you want to do after you leave school. It opens doors for different career paths that you haven’t even given thought yet. For instance, someone majoring in English with an interest in writing for a magazine some day could find it beneficial to double major in Journalism; someone in Business may want to major in Economics; Linguistics may want to double in Psychology. It all depends, but there’s no sense in closing more doors for yourself if you are majoring in something that intersects with another in so many ways.

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Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in English. When he’s not exercising, eating, reading, writing short stories, or scouring the web, Lawrence is contributing to other blogs. An avid Harry Potter fan, self-proclaimed StumbleUpon and YouTube addict, and underrated when it comes to taking naps, Lawrence is looking forward to studying abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece over the Spring Semester of 2012.