Learning from my unpaid, online internship

This will by my last blog post posted on TheCollegeHelper.com, and with that being said, I thought I’d recall all the ways it has helped me improve myself in one way or another.

Now, because this particular internship was unpaid and online, there were a few differences that had to be dealt with during my time with this website.

First off, this was all for experience. I had no compensation so instead of getting any money out of the job, I’ll be able to show future employers what I was able to create in the short time I was with this website.

Secondly, I never actually got to interact with anyone face-to-face due to the online nature of the job. This means that all communications are through email, text message, and other electronic communicators. Sometimes this made the process of getting in contact a little less personal and a little more complicated. The nice thing, though, was that being able to do everything from the comfort of my dorm room was very convenient and I never had to commute anywhere to turn in a blog post.

Besides those two qualifiers that changed my experience a bit, it worked a lot like a regular job. It helped me make sure I was staying on top of writing blog posts, gave me an opportunity to have a new reference if I ever needed one for a future opportunity, and just gave me a new experience to add to my life list.

Remember when I said I never had to go anywhere to turn in my posts? Well that might seem like it would make everything a whole bunch easier to get done and turned in. And in one sense it did, but it didn’t take away that it was added work on top of the life of a college student. I’ll be the first to come out and say there have been a few blog posts that weren’t exactly in on time, and although that might seem irresponsible, it’s all a learning experience.

One thing I learned was that as much as you want to take on the world during college, you can only take on a country at a time. There is so much you want and need to do over your four years, but you have to make sure you don’t push yourself to a breaking point. You might want to be a dancing, hip-hop, barista writer with a PhD in Astrophysics, but sometimes you have to pick and choose for your own sanity’s sake.

I think my favorite part of this internship was the creativity that I pushed myself to have for each blog post. Sometimes when I had to pick from a list of seemingly dry topics to write about, I had the chance to push my brain and creativity to make it something I wanted to write. One thing I’m very proud of is my humor. And with that being said, I tried to make sure I could add that in my posts as much as possible. I wanted to show readers that college isn’t all scary and straight-laced; it is also full of silliness and fun. So if I was given the task to write about comforters for a dorm bed, I made sure to do what was asked of me with a little extra sass and humor to make sure people stayed enthralled.

Overall, it’s been a wonderful experience that I’m very thankful for. Everyone involved was very friendly and gave me a reason to want to continue with my plans to write for a career. So everyone should go out and find an unpaid, online internship and learn a thing or two about how things work.

Thanks TheCollegeHelper.com, you rock.

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Abby Thomas

Abby Thomas

Abby Thomas is a freshman at University of Iowa studying Journalism and Nonfiction Creative Writing. She plans to one day be able to get paid to travel around the world writing about her adventures. The day you can find her travel book on the shelves of bookstores will be the day she has finally reached her life goal. When she is not pursuing her dreams of travel writing, she is either at the University's radio station or on her computer wasting time on Tumblr and Netflix.