Learning to Let Go: A Student’s Perspective

The time has finally come to officially move out of your parent’s house and into a college dorm/apartment.  Emotions are running high; you’re excited while your parents are a little sad that their child is growing up.  You finally move in, your parents leave to head back home, and you’re suddenly faced with the over whelming feeling of loneliness for the first time.

I remember the feeling that first week I moved into my apartment.  I couldn’t help feeling alone in a new town with unfamiliar faces.  I debated multiple times going home to see my family, who only lived a little over two hours away.  How do you deal with this feeling of isolation?  Here are a few tips as to how to handle this type of situation.

  • Phone Calls

Those first few days I can’t recall just how many times I called my mom.  Of course she was more than willing to talk to me, and it was hard not to burst into tears every time I heard her voice.

This is a completely normal thing to do.  In fact, I would even encourage it.  Cutting off all communications from back home would be a mistake.  You’re allowed to miss home, and if hearing a familiar voice will give you the strength you need to feel more comfortable, by all means then do it!  After a while you’ll feel the need to call home less and less.  This is when you’ll know you’re creating a new home at college.  It took a few weeks, but after this point I talked to my parents a couple times a week, and before I knew it they had to call me to talk instead of the other way around.

  • Find a Hobby

This is honestly one of the best ideas I could’ve gotten from a friend who had already gone through the moving process.  Find something that speaks to you whether that’s finding new ways to work out, painting/drawing, taking pictures, and go with it!  Finding something that will occupy your brain for a little while will really help.  Even watching a little bit of TV here and there or a movie will help you to relax and not feel so stressed out from the move.

  • Roommates

Most likely you will have at least 2-3 roommates that you’ve never met before who are in the same position as you!  This is the perfect opportunity to get to know them and go exploring the town you’ll be living in for the next few years.  Hopefully you’ll click with a couple of them and it’ll be much easier to find people to go out with.

  • Get Ready for the School Year

Lastly, you’ve moved to your new place for school.  It’d be a great idea to get a head start on getting school supplies like binders and books before the semester/quarter even starts.  This way it gives you a chance to get to know the town and find out where stores are located for your convenience.  Also, you can get your books at the bookstore located on campus (if available in your area) and will give you the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the campus a little more before the school year starts up.

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Kali White

Kali White

Kali White is a junior at the University of California, Davis pursuing a degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Her goal is to have a career working for a publication company writing and editing. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, reading, playing and listening to music, and travelling.