Leaving For College: Is Your Child Prepared?

After graduating from high school, your son or daughter received acceptance letters to the colleges they chose to apply to.

Now that summer has begun, it’s time to help them get ready for their big move into the dorm room of the college they selected. Are you prepared?

If your answer is no, don’t fret. This blog post will put you at ease by giving you some helpful advice on how to make sure your son or daughter is ready to leave for college.

Go Shopping Early For Dorm Room Materials

Other posts on this website go into further detail about what specific items you will need to furnish your dorm room but be warned; don’t wait until the last minute to buy these items. From bedding to desk lamps, the earlier your child goes shopping the better.

Near the end of the summer, stores that sell college furniture and school supplies will be picked over and this will lead to a lot of unnecessary frustration on your part. So, my advice is to pick a day early on in the summer and get everything your child needs for their dorm room.

For specific lists of what to buy and where to find these items, look for articles on this website with titles regarding college dorm room checklists. I highly recommend this article: A List of Things To Bring To College

Make A Second Trip To The University

While you most likely already took a tour of the school, I highly recommend returning before move-in day. The tour guide may have led you around the main academic buildings and recreation center, but do you know where your child’s dorm is located?

If the answer is no, you may become more stressed than you have to be on move-in day because you’ll be trying to locate the dorm building among the large campus and crowded streets which will be filled with other families. Trust me, you’ll feel more at ease if you tour the university a second time, locate where your child will be staying, and figure out how to navigate around campus.

Give Instructions on Personal Hygiene and Maintaining a Clean Environment

You may have been a “super parent” to your son or daughter throughout high school relieving them of their chores and household duties. However, at college you won’t be there to do chores for them anymore so you’ll need to prepare them for the independent lifestyle they are about to embark on.

Show them how to do their laundry, make their bed, organize their medications, and clean furniture properly. These habits will not only help your child maintain a clean environment for themselves but will also make their roommate feel more comfortable in their living situation as well.

Educate Your Child On Academic vs. Social Responsibilities

While college offers a wide variety of academic and social activities, it’s important to stress to your child how important time management will become for their success in both areas.

Throughout the week, academic responsibilities such as class and outside study sessions should be your child’s top priority. The main reason they are at school is to further their education so it’s important to put those priorities on the top of the list.

In addition to thriving in academic activities, encourage your child to get involved in extracurricular activities as well. When your son or daughter is not in class, it’s more beneficial to them to become a part of a social activity as opposed to staying cooped up in their dorm room.

While social activities may be more enjoyable than academic activities, make sure your child realizes that they will need a balance between the two in order to be successful in their college experience.

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