Let’s Be Friends: Great Social Media Alternatives to Facebook

Facebook definitely dominates the social media landscape. While Facebook is a great way to keep connected with your family and friends, there are a lot of other great social media sites that don’t get as much credit as they deserve. If you are looking for different ways to stay in touch with friends or just want to break away from Facebook, try out the following:

  • Goodreads

Goodreads is a website which allows you to add, review, and rate books you have read. The site also allows you to compile “bookshelves” which includes lists of books you are currently reading and any books you wish to read in the future. Goodreads also allows you to join different groups and message boards and look through personalized book recommendations that are broken down by genre. One of the coolest things about goodreads is that many authors themselves use the site and users can follow them as fans. You can follow your favorite author’s reviews and blog posts, and even see what they themselves are reading. Other great features of goodreads include calendars of literary events, quizzes, and giveaways. You can also “friend” other goodreads users if you are friends with them on Facebook or know their email address. If they are not currently a goodread’s user, you can also invite them to join the website.

Like all social media sites, you should be careful about what kind of information you disclose. However sites like goodreads offer much less opportunities for exposure, though your name and location may be made public if you choose to do so.

  • 8tracks

Like other social media platforms centered on music, 8tracks is a great way to share your music with friends. The concept of the site is fairly simple, it allows you to create a profile and subsequently create and share unique playlists that you can upload from your iTunes library. In a sense, 8tracks is a way to digitally share mix tapes; you can connect with your friends through Facebook or email address books, you can also listen to any playlists that have been made public by users. 8tracks is completely legal, and you can upload any song as long as you have it on your iTunes account. Once you have uploaded your playlists, you can email them to your friends, share the links, or embed them on your blogs.

8tracks also allows you to link to your profiles on other music sites like last.fm, another great website that compiles all of the music you play through iTunes and allows you access to customized radio stations.

  • Tumblr.

You may know tumblr as a place to reblog photos, but the site itself actually offers much more. Tumblr allows you to subscribe to or “follow” different users, whose updates then appear on your homepage or “dashboard”.  While Tumblr is probably most well known as a photo-sharing site, you can also share text, links, audio, and video. While I have a tumblr account, I don’t actually post any content on my page, I use the website to follow blog updates from some of my favorite poets, artists, book reviewers, and even political activists. Tumblr is great because it allows you to compile a lot of interesting content and articles from a diverse array of people in the same place.

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