Maintaining Healthy Skin in College

A very close friend of mine encountered skin issues during her freshmen year of college. Her skin was typically clear and radiant, the picture of healthy skin. It looked almost as if she drank eight glasses of water a day without missing a sip. But freshmen year caused her to be faced with several breakouts on her face that she did not know how to handle.

It did not take her long to realize that the breakouts were caused by stress as well as a few other bad habits she’d picked up while trying to juggle her busy college schedule, such as not removing her makeup every night. Even though she’d found the reasons for her skin problems, she did not know how to solve her problem.

It is hard finding the time to even splash cold water on your face when your schedule is jam packed with classes, homework and jobs, let alone finding a skin care regimen that is right for you. Maintaining healthy skin in college is a feat many students struggle to reach. But do not fear!  Healthy skin is possible and easy with just a few tips.

Ditch the Stress

Once my friend realized that stress was one of the contributing factors to the breakouts on her face, she quickly began to look into various means of stress management. She began to take a few hours a day just for herself so that she could relax and unwind for a little while. It definitely helped her with reducing her stress.

Stress is a gross part of college that can be reduced. Look into a few stress reducing and eliminating strategies that you can implement in your college life in order to avoid any side effects of stress, such as breakouts and unhealthy skin.

Wash Day and Night

This sounds a lot easier than it really easy. There will be days in college when all you want to do after class or work is lie down and go straight to sleep. But do not forget to wash your face! The dirt from the day’s events can cause breakouts that you don’t want or need. Wash your face day and night with your preferred face cleanser for clean, healthy skin (this goes especially important for all the makeup wearers out there).

Water is Your Friend 

Drinking water is great when striving for healthy skin. Whenever you feel thirsty and need a drink, reach for a glass of water. Try to replace a few of your favorite sugary drinks with water. Don’t think of it as having to drink a certain amount of water a day. Instead, just drink water whenever you are thirsty. That way you won’t feel like you are forcing yourself to drink water, but you are simply making a lifestyle shift to increase your water intake. You will be surprised as the difference it can make in your skin as well as your overall health.

Eat Your Veggies

I guess now is as good a time as any to realize that your parents were right all along: eating your vegetables really is important. When my friend began to change her diet to one more rich in vegetables and fruits, her skin began to clear up and return to its healthy state.

Eating healthy is another way to healthier skin. Along with drinking more water, try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Transitioning to a healthier diet can help you retain healthy skin despite the hectic life thrust upon many college students. Not to mention it will make you feel great as well!

Exercise is Wise

Working out is beneficial to maintaining healthy skin as well. My friend was always an avid participant in many physical activities, but her active lifestyle was drastically reduced once school started and she couldn’t find the time to exercise. She took the time to work exercise back into her schedule and it did wonders for her skin. Exercise is a great way to promote healthy skin. If you can fit exercise into your college schedule, then try to do so. The effects can amaze you.

The above are just a few tips that can help you develop and maintain healthy skin in college. Though your schedule may be filled and frantic, unhealthy skin is not a requisite of a college lifestyle. Give the above ideas a shot and try a few of your own to prevent and treat breakouts.  Stay healthy, scholars.

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