5 Keys To Making Friends In College

Whether in high school, college, or in the work force, everyone has some trouble approaching people and making friends.

We have that voice inside our head that thinks about every little thing that can go wrong when we try and approach someone. No one is really taught the right way to make friends.

There is actually no right way because everyone is different.

However, I will share my ways of how to approach people whom you can eventually turn into a lifelong friendship(s).

  • Get Rid of the Voice

The first step to making friends in college is to get rid of the voice that stops you from approaching people. The voice I’m talking about is unconscious. It’s the thing in the back of your head that tells you that a certain person won’t take any interest in you or that they will judge you.

There are many ways to get rid of that voice. The first is to say affirmations everyday. The affirmations you do will higher your confidence and lower the voice in your head. Some affirmations that can be used are:

  • “I am a friendly person and people will love to meet me”
  • “There are many good people, and I am one of them”
  • “This is an opportunity to broaden my horizon”
  • “People like to meet people, but they are too scared, say hello”

These affirmations will help remind you that your fears are nothing compared to the amount of the rewards.

  • Make Small Talk

Making small talk can be really easily, but some people get too nervous to try. Take a look at the person you are trying to approach. If you see something different or particular about them make that your topic.

For example, if you see someone with an Adventure Time t-shirt and you like the show, tell him or her you like it and then talk about it. This is usually the best way to make small talk. In another situation, if you are in class and are confused about a topic, ask the person next to you for some help.

All of these small talks can work very well in any situation, whether in class, in your dorm, at a local/school event, during group activities, etc. The key to making friends in college this way is to bring up something that can be turned into a bigger conversation.

  • Make Plans

After you have started small talk with someone, make plans with him or her. For instance, with the school situation above, ask them if they can help you outside of class, like for coffee or at the library. When you finish your class work, or while taking breaks, begin a friendly conversation outside of the class work.

  • Keep in Contact

The biggest step in making friends in college is to keep in contact. Keeping in contact will allow you to get comfortable with the person, thus creating a stronger relationship. Not only will it create a stronger relationship, but it will also allow you to make more plans with them.

If you don’t keep in contact with that person, the friendship will not go anywhere making all the hard work pointless. I can’t stress enough how important keeping contact is. Even if the semester is over, invite them to an event that they might be interested in.

  • Be yourself!

Another important step in making friends in college is to be yourself. People will like you for you and not who you try to be. Also, never do anything that you feel is wrong to do. Stick with your same morals and values and don’t change who you are unless you knows its something you want to change in order to better yourself. Good friends should want to help you improve.

Meeting new people is always fun. There are so many different people to meet and many things to learn from them. In addition, through your interaction with them, they will introduce you to more people, opening your friendship circle.

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Hanan is a senior at Western Michigan University majoring in communication studies and minoring in advertising and promotion. On a normal day, Hanan can be found working as an assistant manager at her school's student recreation center, hanging out with friends, writing, or sleeping (which is her favorite activity). When she has free time during the weekends, she loves to stay in and watch Adventure Time (her favorite TV show).