Making the Most of Your College Experience: Part Two

College is a time to learn new things and become educated in a field that you hopefully will make a career out of. But in between all the homework and studying, you should be having some fun! Take time to divulge in extra curriculars and try new things. Whenever you feel stressed or overwhelmed, do something you enjoy. You are never too busy to make your college experience a good (and fun!) one.

Be Active!

College gives your brain an intense work out, but your body needs some exercise too. Whether you played sports in high school or have never set foot on the field or a court, intramural and club sports are great ways to have fun and keep your body healthy. You can find everything from soccer to Quidditch (yes, the sport from Harry Potter). A real popular sport among college students is ultimate frisbee. It is a lot like football except you pass a Frisbee instead of a football. You can start an easy-going game in the park or join a club team for more intense action.


Confidently interacting with new people can be difficult for extroverts and introverts a like. In college, you meet new people pretty much every day. Instead of picking a seat off by yourself in lecture, sit next to someone and strike up a conversation. When you meet new people, make the effort to be friendly and sincere. If you want to ask someone out for coffee, go for it! Relationships in college (friendly and more than friendly) are characteristically less serious than high school. Everyone is mingling and creating acquaintances, some which might turn into lasting friendships or relationships.

Get Involved!

At the end of your college experience, the “real world” and job hunting awaits you. Some of the best resume builders are student organizations. The great thing about student organizations is there are so many to choose from. You are guaranteed to find one that interests you. Once you do, really make an effort to attend meetings and gain useful insight. You really cannot say you were a part of something if you only showed up once every couple of weeks. Take things a step further and run for a leadership position within your organization. It gives you an opportunity to build your communication skills and form professional relationships that may help you in the future.

Make Time for Yourself!

With classes, student organizations and a busy social schedule, it is easy to become overwhelmed. If you are super stressed or just feel like you need a break, then take one. Instead of reading your English book, find a murder-mystery thriller to take your mind off of the real world for a few hours. Indulge in a massage or spa day. Find a park and take a nap under a tree. Watch How I Met Your Mother reruns. You would be surprised how less stressful life can be if you take a little time to yourself and relax.

A good balance of academic effort and a fun lifestyle is a sure way to make your college experience a great one.

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Caitlin Furin

Caitlin Furin

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