Men’s College Fashion Guide

So you’re a guy wondering what cloths to bring to college.  From my college coed experience here are some basic ground rules to follow and fashion advice for all seasons.

Be yourself.

It may be good time to change up your style a bit and try out a few different clothing items but be sure to buy items you know you’re comfortable wearing.  It’s no use buying and packing a bunch of cloths that you won’t wear and just get in the way.

Take into account your laundry cycle.

Remember you’ll be doing your own laundry so it’s best to have enough of the essentials to make it through at least one week. No one wants to be around someone who is obviously wearing and smelling of dirty cloths. I’ve heard more than one guy complain that there roommate’s room smells like a gym.  It’s even worse if you’re sharing a room because the odor begins to permeate the rest of the environment.

 Don’t complicate your life by purchasing items that require special care, dry-cleaning, or ironing (except for your dress outfit).  No one has time for that.

Stock up before you leave home.

Once you get to college, you’re likely to be on a tight budget, not have access to convenient shopping areas, and not have the interest or the time to go shopping.

These are compelling reasons to stock up on the items you need while you’re still under your parents roof, before your parents are hit with the true financial impact of college expenses and when they may be more open to running errands on your behalf.

 Shopping Tips:

  • Take a friend on your shopping trip whose interested and excited about the outing that way it won’t seem like such a chore.
  • If you find a basic tee or pullover that works for you stock up in multiple colors.  It will make your shopping experience easier and no one will be the wiser.
  • Don’t forget work out attire, an all purpose jacket and shoes for all occasions.

 Cloths for all seasons and occasions…

In the fall, keep the colors neutral and find a couple comfortable chunky sweaters that you wear on rotation.  Dark jeans, including denims in brown and black shades are good choices.  This guy’s outfit is simple, stylish re-wearable.

  • Hit it out of the park with winter fashions wearing a versatile jacket that can be dressed up or down.  You could wear this with casual jeans around campus or for a night out.
  • Spring fashion is a happy medium of fall and summer styles.  It’s time to toss on a lightweight sweater and experiment with your denim colors.  You can even add a splash of color to brighten up your look. Light-weight athletic shoes are a good multi-use choice.
  • Colored denim shorts are in for the summer season.  The great thing is that they coordinate with almost everything along with making a fashion statement.  Some slip-on loafers and flip flops are easy and versatile choices.
  • It’s a good idea to have one classic suit that can be worn out on special occasions or for an interview. Find something that is monochromatic in a basic black or dark grey color that way it can be worn with multiple shirt and tie combinations. Choose a patterned shirt or tie not both.  Dress shoes are a must; if you can’t afford them then you can rent them from a suit or tuxedo rental shop. Don’t wear rubber souled shoes because they look clunky.

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