More Students Seek Degrees In Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Programs On The Rise

Similar to other universities across the country, the University of Nevada-Reno has been shifting more of its focus on their College of Business entrepreneurship program. The University recently developed an entrepreneurship minor and an entrepreneurship club was also created.

There has been an increased focus on promoting the entrepreneurship minor at the University of Nevada because the faculty believes that a good entrepreneurship program can help teach useful problem-solving skills to students and improve the local economy in the long-run.

The entrepreneurship minor is available to ALL students – it doesn’t matter if a student is majoring in French – he or she is still eligible to take entrepreneurship classes. The University strongly believes that entrepreneurial skills gained can help students get a job after graduation or find a way to turn their passion into a business they develop on their own.

How Entrepreneurship Improves Problem-Solving Skills

Entrepreneurship requires students to comprehend and solve complex problems. Having an entrepreneurial mindset increases a student’s ability to help people resolve issues in unconventional ways.

According to the CEO of investment company NorthStar Business Source, “A lot of entrepreneurship is not found in textbooks.” Instead, it is more focused on inspiring students to generate business ideas and build business relationships with people around campus and in the community, in an effort to create new local businesses. It’s a more “hands-on” approach to learning.

In regards to the economy, Mark Pingle, Univeristy of Nevada Economics Professor says, “Entrepreneurship is the heart of economic development. If you want a healthy community long-term, you need to have new businesses rising up to replace those that are maturing.”

In the state of Nevada, many speculate that opportunities to create new businesses could exist in the following industries: technology, business, financial services, and software development

It’s A Long-Term Commitment…You Won’t See Results Overnight

According to Brett Schaffner, president of the entrepreneurship club, “Entrepreneurship is frequently described as a lot of ups and downs, so you have to be ready for both.” In other words, every business idea that you come up with won’t work. It’s more of a trial and error type of career path.

However, persistence is the key to success in entrepreneurship. If you work hard, are persistent, and surround yourself by like-minded individuals, one of your business ideas is bound to succeed.

What This Means For The Economy

An increased focus on entrepreneurship won’t do much for the economy right away – the economy won’t see a drastic increase in the number of jobs immediately. However, by supporting students who are interesting in entrepreneurship and making more entrepreneurship programs available at colleges, we can set the stage for positive growth in the economy over the next 10 to 20 years.

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