Top Six Most Popular College Majors

Not sure what you want to go to school for?

There are a ton of popular college majors to choose from; you just got to pick the right one and what you are most interested in.

You don’t want to go to college and pay all that money to learn something you don’t enjoy learning about, do you?

So, make sure you pick a college major that you love. It is your future, your career. Pick something you would love to learn and to do for the rest of your life.

Below is a list of the Top Six Most Popular College Majors  Maybe one of these will be a right fit for you:

1. Business

If you are interested in being a manager or work for business administration, this might be a great choice for you. It can also include marketing, fiance and accounting. If you have excellent leadership skills and great decision making abilities then business is a great choice. Business majors tend to make around $58,000 all the way up to $85,000 a year.

2. Nursing

Nursing is one of the most popular college majors because there will always be a need for nurses. It can be a competitive field to get into with so many people going for nursing that you could be put on a college waiting list, but you will get a wonderful education and learn a lot about the sciences. So, if you love to help people nursing might be a good option for you. Nurses are expected to make an average salary of $45,000-80,000 a year.

3. Psychology

Psychology is one of the most popular college majors because there are so many different career paths you could choose. Careers in psychology include everything from psychiatry to school social worker to criminal profiling. So, if you like to analyze people’s behavior and find ways to help them, psychology might be the way to go. A psychology major tends to earn between $38,000-87,000 a year. However, a lot of psychology majors attend grad school after obtaining their bachelor’s degree so keep this in mind if you pursue a degree in this field.

4. Education

Teachers are some of the most important people in children’s lives, so I’m sure you understand why Education the fourth most popular college major. If you love to learn and to teach this is definitely a career you should consider. Keep this in mind though…a program in teaching may require you to pick a specialty such as math, music or language arts, and you’ll have to spend one or two semesters as a student teacher before you graduate and get your license. The annual salary for an elementary education teacher ranges from $32,000-55,000.

5. Communications

Love the media industry, working with many different people and not be afraid to let your voice be heard, than this might be the right college major choice for you. Communications major is a very broad major and can range and many different types – Journalism, Speech Pathology, and many more. Again, that’s why it’s one of the most popular college majors, because it gives students so many career options. In fact, Communications is one of the fastest growing majors in the country. The average annual salary ranges from $34,000- 75,000.

6. Biology

Enjoyed dissecting that frog during Biology class sophomore year of high school? If yes, then perhaps you might consider majoring in Biology. Biology majors do a lot of research and experiments. Class work will include a variety of science, calculus and statistics. Career possibilities include medicine, genetic research and pharmacy work. Those are just six of the most popular college majors. There are a ton of other college majors to choose from; you just have to research them and see what you would be most interested in. Remember, go for something you love because you will be doing it for the rest of your life!

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