Moving Out? Use Lifelines

Moving out can be a bittersweet process.  The year has passed, you’re closing this chapter of your life and you’re moving onto a new one.  It can be hard to say goodbye to your newfound home, but take it from me: Don’t do it alone.  It can be a tedious and hard task moving out all your personal belongings.

Bring Boxes, Lots of Them…

It will make it SO much easier to pack all your things into boxes and be able to label them rather than just stuffing them into whatever crevice you can find in your car.

Another trick to do is everything you place in the box label it by writing the item on the outside of the box.  This way, when you attempt to try and search through box after box looking for that one pair of shorts you weren’t supposed to pack up it’ll make it a lot easier knowing what box you packed your summer clothes in.

Bring a Friend or Parent

DO NOT attempt to move by yourself.  I’m not trying to say you can’t do this, because I’m sure some of you might try to now that you’ve heard me say not to, but it is much more work than it has to be.

From my experience, I lived in a townhouse on the second floor.  So, from travelling up and down those stairs back and forth loading boxes, I realized just how thankful I was for having someone there with me helping.

My advice would to not only bring just a friend, but also if possible bring a strong friend.  If you want to bring your best friend that’s even more worried about breaking a nail than you are, don’t expect much to get done quickly.  It will take twice as long to get everything packed up and harder to lift those heavy boxes.

Think Ahead – Drive a Truck

It’s a pain to have to look for, I know, but if you have a truck available at your disposal then I would most definitely take it.  Here’s why:  You have the entire truck bed to fill up with space and not have to worry about dealing with seats, which is always a bonus.

Another reason this is extremely helpful is that if you realize you have way more things than you thought you did, then you can always rent a U-Haul trailer to fit more things, if you have a way of hooking it onto the back of the truck.

Know What You’re Supposed To Do

This seems pretty vague, but what I mean by this is that contact either Student Housing at your university to know where you’re supposed to turn in all your keys, or contact the apartment complex to see what they need from you as well.

One thing to be aware of is don’t leave all the cleaning to the last minute.  Clean your room and the common areas before you decide to move out and it will give you one less thing to have to worry about.  That way, when you’re all done moving the boxes out to your car you’ll realize the space all around is already clean.

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Kali White

Kali White

Kali White is a junior at the University of California, Davis pursuing a degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Her goal is to have a career working for a publication company writing and editing. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, reading, playing and listening to music, and travelling.