My 3 Secret Weapons To Being On Time

In high school I used to wake up at 5:30 every morning so I could shower and have enough time to make myself presentable for school, which started at 7:30. Now that I’m in college, any time before 9 a.m. is foreign to me; you’ll never catch me up past dawn unless I’m pulling an all-nighter (not recommended!), or something extremely exciting is happening that day. While getting up early in high school wasn’t fun, it was doable. But as soon as you make that transition to college, your body starts getting accustomed to a new time schedule. If you’re like me and have difficulties getting out of bed or making it anywhere on time, try these three tricks that have saved my butt numerous times.

  • Use 2 alarms: Setting two alarms every night has honestly been the biggest life-saver of them all for me. Now that we live in an age where we can set alarms on our phones, alarm clocks are slowly disappearing. This is not good news, though! Just because we can set alarms on our phones doesn’t mean it will actually work. I cannot count the number of times I’ve set my phone to go off at a certain time and it never did–which usually leads to me being extremely late to class/work or missing it altogether (trust me, this doesn’t make a good impression on bosses or instructors). After a horrible week of my alarm not going off four mornings in a row, I decided it was time to go old school and dust off my alarm clock from the Stone Age. Now every night before sliding into bed I make sure I set two alarms: my alarm clock and my phone alarm, just in case. And because I do have a slight problem with pushing the snooze button a hundred times, I discovered a trick that helps me wake up faster: I set the alarm on my phone 10 minutes earlier than my alarm clock. This allows me to press snooze twice on my phone while still in bed before my alarm clock goes off. Those 10 minutes of snoozing are the perfect amount of time to wake your brain up before you have to get out of bed and turn off the other alarm, and I’m never tempted to hop back into bed after already having that time to lay there.
  • Use a planner: From middle school to high school students were always given a planner at the beginning of the year to help them stay organized. While I appreciated it and thought they were kind of cool, I never seriously used mine. It was only a couple weeks into my freshman year of college that I realized I wasn’t going to survive without a planner. The amount of work that’s assigned in my courses is about three times more than what was assigned in high school; because of this, a planner is necessary if you want to stay on top of your assignments. Make sure to buy a planner with big boxes–between classes, work, exams and other activities, you’ll need a lot of space to write! When you get a class syllabus, look through it and pick out the dates something will be due or when there’s an exam–put these dates in your planner now so when that week actually is here, you’ll know exactly what’s due. This is more important in college than high school because professors don’t always tell you when an assignment is due. It’s up to students to stay on top of due dates, proving they no longer need a “babysitter.”
  • Use your roommate(s): Though this is probably the least-reliable source, my roommates have also saved me from being late or missing something. It might get annoying from time to time, but when I have an assignment coming up that I can’t forget, I’ll constantly ask my roommates for ideas or ask their opinion on the topic–I’ve found the more I do this, the more often they ask about it or come to me with more ideas. They’ve also saved me from being tardy to class a number of times. Luckily I have the benefit of having three roommates who all have cars, so if I’m running late for class and don’t have time to take the bus, one of them is bound to be home and have time to drive me. But whether you have three roomies or one, constantly having conversations about upcoming assignments is like having a sticky note in the back of your head as a reminder.

Because college is your transition to the real world, the impressions you make here are going to stick. Being punctual and staying on top of your assignments is one of the best ways to make a good impression on professors and other people that are going to help you find a job. Try these three easy tricks of mine if you find yourself struggling with time in college, or if you just want to be extra sure of everything!

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Jordyn Timpson

Jordyn Timpson

Jordyn Timpson is a junior at Michigan State University working towards her journalism degree with a specialization in documentary film. She designs and writes for a campus magazine and is a server at Bob Evans. When Jordyn has free time she likes to watch movies and her favorite show Breaking Bad, spend hours on tumblr, go on adventures with friends and travel.
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