Navy ROTC Colleges

Navy ROTC Colleges are designed to train and educate men and women who are qualified to serve as commissioned officers in the United States Navy and Marine Corps.

These men and women provide support to the country at sea, in the air, and on land.  The Navy Marine Corps team is led by officers who are trained and motivated to perform well in any situation.  This is largely due to the training they received at Navy ROTC Colleges.

What are Navy ROTC Colleges?

Navy ROTC Colleges are those schools that have Navy ROTC host units.  Most Navy ROTC Colleges have their own separate web page that can be accessed through the school’s main website.  Young men and women who attend Navy ROTC Colleges and specialize in this area are being prepared for leadership and management roles in the Navy and Marine Corps.

Below is a List of 20 Navy ROTC Colleges:

Auburn University (Alabama)

University of Arizona (Arizona)

University of California, Los Angeles (California)

University of San Diego (California)

University of Southern California (California)

University of Colorado, Boulder (California)

The George Washington University (D.C.)

Florida A&M University (Florida)

University of Florida (Florida)

University of Idaho (Idaho)

Northwestern University (Illinois)

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (Illinois)

Purdue University (Indiana)

University of Notre Dame (Indiana)

Iowa State University (Iowa)

University of Kansas (Kansas)

Tulane University (Louisiana)

Boston University (Massachusetts)

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (Michigan)

University of Minnesota, Twin Cities (Minnesota)

*For a complete list of Navy ROTC Colleges, please visit their website directly:  In total, there are 71 Navy ROTC Colleges.

Academic Requirements at Navy ROTC Colleges

  1. Complete college/university’s general requirements for bachelor’s degree
  2. Complete certain courses specified by the Navy
  3. Maintain a full-time course load
  4. Take the following courses:
    • Calculus (1 year by end of sophomore year)
    • Physics (1 year by end of junior year)
    • English Grammar & Composition (1 year)
    • National Security Policy/American Military Affairs
    • Language/Culture (1 semester)
    • Naval Science Course (every semester)
  5. Complete weekly drill instructions
  6. Ccomplete 4-6 week training sessions every summer

Navy ROTC Colleges Scholarship Program

Navy ROTC Colleges award scholarships to select students.  The NROTC scholarship program is highly competitive.  Each student must undergo a national section process.  If selected, the student will receive a full tuition scholarship, along with additional financial benefits, to one of the Navy ROTC Colleges listed above.

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