One Quick Fix for Homsickness

Your son or daughter has ventured off for their first year of college. Even if they never come right out and say it, they will miss you as much as you will miss them. Whether they are now living twenty minutes away from home or twenty hours, yes, your child will feel the effects of homesickness. It’s inevitable.

But despite the distance between you, there are things you can do to help your college student get over homesickness much easier so they are better able to adjust to their new life at college. One of the best ways, in my opinion, is also sometimes one of the hardest things for a parent to do…

Get a cell phone that has pix messaging …and learn how to use it.

And now you’re probably thinking, “But those cell phones are much too complicated…”

I know, I know. The cell phones that are popular today have buttons that are too small or have no buttons at all. However, there are kinds that you don’t see advertised on every other commercial that are much simpler to use and allows the use of sending and receiving picture messages- and you can get them just about anywhere. But I recommend getting one that is on the same service as your son or daughter because that will help you financially. Usually plans with the same cell phone provider allow the use of unlimited picture and text messaging so you and your child can communicate as much as you need to.

Before your child goes to school, have them give you a lesson on how to operate the picture messaging. It will be a nice bonding experience for the two of you to have before they go off to school. You can discuss what you want pictures of and how often you guys plan on contacting each other.

“Even if I learn how to use a cell phone that can send pictures, how will that help my college kid get over their homesickness?”

Answer me this: What makes you feel more like you were at the Grand Canyon, someone describing it, or someone actually sending you a picture of it? Obviously the picture makes you feel like you were there. You being able to send your college kid pictures of events or moments at home will make him or her feel more like they are at home. By being able to see what’s going on at home with you guys will make them feel less secluded and out of touch.

And it works the other way.

By being able to receive pictures, you will be more involved in your child’s life at college. Sometimes it’s easier to just send a picture to your parents than taking the time to describe what’s happening. For example: “Here’s a picture of my new dorm decoration, what do you think about it?” is easier than, “It’s red with some orange flowers and it has white ruffles around the edges and it takes up a little bit of space but I think there’s enough room for it, what do you think?”

By having a cell phone that can receive and send pictures is a far better means of communication and involvement in your college kid’s life. It makes the both of you feel a little closer since you are able to physically see the other side which makes the sting of homesickness less of a problem. So help your child out… get yourselves a cell phone with pix-messaging.

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Betsy Loeb

Betsy Loeb

Betsy Loeb is a senior at the University of Illinois majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She lacks the ability to draw, so she loves being able to express her creativity instead through her writing. She considers herself the “coolest nerd,” spending many Friday nights indoors playing Guitar Hero and discussing Pokemon cards with her friends.