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After you pick your school, receive your finals grades and the flurry of graduation parties are over, it is time to start seriously thinking about your new home away from home: the college dorm room. Once you pick out everything you need and want to have in your room, it can be hard to decide where to get it all. To save time and energy, here are some stores that have most, if not all, of your dorm room necessities.


In my personal opinion, Target is the best place for dorm room shopping. Anything you could possibly want, they have. And the prices are not bad either! No need to worry about finding the XL Twin sheets and comforters; Target has them in everything from plain white to polka dots. Grab some cheap dishes to keep in your room for meals. The amount of patterned dishes is endless; everything from zigzags to snowflakes (for the Christmas cookies your mom sends). Do not forget to stock up on hangers for your closet. Get a cheap Rubbermaid container for your shoes; it is an easy way to keep your dorm room floor clutter free. The containers are also perfect for hauling your knick knacks down to school. A smaller container with pull out drawers is the perfect thing to store your pens, pencils and sticky notes. While you are getting the necessities, do not be afraid to look around at the clothes for your back to school wardrobe. Target’s clothes are very fashionable and inexpensive.

TJ Maxx:

Dorm décor is the key to making your dorm unique and your own. Finding just the right picture frame or wall hang can be time consuming and expensive. TJ Maxx is perfect for finding fun and interesting dorm decorations for a good price. Buy a wall hang with an inspirational or motivational quote on it and put it above your desk so you can see it when you study. Get a lot of picture frames so you can bring your hometown friends and family with you to college. Spice up your bed with a funky pillow or blanket. If you love soft, fluffy towels, TJ Maxx has them in a bunch of colors for a far lower price than the department stores. Again, TJ Maxx also has great clothes, so you can get some back to school shopping out of the way as well.


Ok, so Pinterest is not a store, but this new internet craze is the perfect place to find cheap ways to make your own dorm décor and necessities. You can find step by step instructions on how to make your own pillow covers, accessorize picture frames and even make your own laundry soap. For the girls, I once saw a tutorial on how to make hangers for your flip flops. Definitely a space saver. Pinterest is also a great place to find easy recipes. You can pick a trail mix recipe for an energy-packed study snack or make a colorful cake for your roommate’s birthday. The fun, unique and useful things you can find on Pinterest are endless.

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