Online Education is a Good Alternative

I came across an interesting article today on about online education. At the end of the article it states:

“While online learning generates excitement and controversy in equal measure, its effective use is key to the future of education because it is the factor that will reduce costs and increase access over the long term,” said Robert Lytle, Partner and Co-Head of The Parthenon Group’s Education Practice, Private, who addressed the BHEIC gathering with Dr. Brinner.

So is it true? Well studies show that it certainly does. It makes sense that it does, since most online classes involve paying a simple fee to take it, and in some cases they’re free.

Instead of just running through numbers, it’s best if I talk about my own experience with an online class I took at Cal Poly.

My Experience

The online class I took was POLS 111, a California Government Class. At Cal Poly I could take that as a one-unit class instead of the four-unit class POLS 112 since I passed the A.P. Government and U.S. History tests.

The class consisted of 10 quizzes and a final. The final was an in-class final on the week before finals week, and the quizzes could be taken online anytime before then.

I really liked the format. I liked being able to read the chapters and take the quizzes at my own pace.

Learning the material on my own was nice as well, I liked being able to learn it in the comfort of my dorm and not having to take the time to walk to class.

The Social Aspect

There are those who wonder if it’s a good idea to take online classes because it takes away  from the social aspect of meeting new people in class.

For one, if you decide to take classes solely online, you can contact your classmates online via social media like Facebook and Twitter.

For some of you, that’s perfectly fine. However, I understand that it’s better to meet and talk to people in person, I certainly prefer that over texting and social media.

That’s why in some cases, you can still meet with your colleagues in person and can arrange to do so online.

So should I do it?

I certainly would recommend it. Obviously it depends on your circumstances.

Personally, my preference is taking one online class if it’s offered to me and then taking the rest of my classes in person, so I have at least one class that I can take from the comfort of my own home and be able to have classes where I can meet other people in person.

But certainly if you choose to take all online classes because it’s cheaper and/or you want stay close to home, it’s clear that taking online classes can provide you with just as good of an education and the social aspect can be there as well.

Online classes are the way of the future. It can be cheaper for you, it can be cheaper for the university. If you get the chance, take one.

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