Organizational Skills That Will Save Your Hectic Schedule

We all suffer from it. As college students, it’s hard not to.

What exactly am I talking about? It’s that Chronic-Crazy-And-Busy-Schedule disease that keeps us wide awake on late nights and running around from dusk till dawn.

How can we avoid the natural disasters that can be caused from this disease such as scheduling conflicts and zero free/relaxing time? How do we manage the time we don’t have with the time we do have?

The answer, my friends, is organization; with an organized life comes no chance for strife. Those planners you used for the first few weeks of school, the calendar on your phone, post-it notes; breaking out these organizational skills (and more) will save you loads of time and unneeded stress, guaranteed. With the ability to see your schedule daily and avoid forgetting important events and/or tasks, managing your time becomes much simpler than before.

Read through these great organizational techniques that will ensure simplicity in managing your agenda.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Post-it Notes

Sticky notes or post it notes are a classic organizational technique. With a great surplus in one package and the ability to stick to anything, post-it notes are super convenient for all your scheduling needs. These are also nice for last minute “to-do’s” that are easily forgettable.

2. Calendar Board

Some form of a calendar is always a must when planning to schedule out your time in advance. Eraser boards, chalk boards, or just old fashion paper calendars come in all sorts of designs and colors and can vary monthly, weekly, or even yearly. Sites like Pinterest are also loaded with DIY calendar boards. The important thing to remember with these boards is to make clear what goes with what so no confusion arises. Color coding is a popular solution in the organizing world, and can also make your calendar appear more vibrant.

3. Sync Your Calendar to Your Smart Phone or Computer

For those of you who know yourselves well enough to admit that you would never follow through with handwriting out your schedules, maybe a technology based organization is the way for you. Try syncing your events and tasks to your smart phone’s calendar. Phone alerts and reminders can be set to job your memory of your daily tasks. Don’t have a smart phone? Email and/or your home computer are other options for staying on top of your schedule 24/7 without the hassle of writing things out each time an event or task pops up.

4. A Daily To-Do List

Every morning, whether it’s at breakfast or during your 8am class, write out a daily “to-do” list for things that you need or want to accomplish that day. Write it on a scratch piece of paper or type it into your phone; whatever works best for you. However, make sure to keep this list separate from your weekly/monthly/yearly calendar. No need in causing yourself more stress by confusing something that is due tomorrow with something that is due next week.

5. Keep Your Course Work in a Day Planner

You thought you could escape the required day planner that high schools often force students to use, but once you enter college, you soon realize that this is probably one of the best gifts from high school you ever received. From writing down class assignments and work schedules, to scheduling events and get-togethers, a day planner can become your most prized possession.

I highly recommend choosing a planner that is small in size so it allows you to take it with you everywhere you go. This past school year was the first time I decided to use day planner since high school. Between two jobs, participating in a sport, and my classes, my forgetful mind could not keep up with the constant intensity of my schedule. I resorted to finally purchasing a tiny June through the following July planner, and I never looked back.

No matter the organizational method you choose, the important thing is to just be organized in your own way. College is a hectic time, especially when you have a lot on your plate that you have to remember to do or to go to. Utilize the different methods that work for you that will keep you from slipping by the wayside and fall behind in your schedule.

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Jordan Johnson

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