Pack It Right: Tips on How to Get Organized for College

This is to all you college newcomers who are about to apply to their dream colleges or who may have already heard back. The  idea that you’re actually going to college is becoming a reality!

Now you’re probably thinking about all the little fun supplies you’ll get to buy for your college dorm room like a comforter, desk lamp, new backpack and perhaps even some cool back-to-school clothes.

So here’s the pickle: How are you going to pack it all!?

To those who aren’t the most organized of people, I’m just going to give you a few tips that, I promise, will lift the pressures of packing for a school year. There are ways that you can turn this tedious and seemingly endless chore into a fun and effortless activity.

For starters, make a list! Now, I know this sounds incredibly obvious and really boring but I can’t tell you how much it really helps.

Packing for my first two years of college, I just sort of winged it and hopefully I bought and packed everything that I needed for school but most of the time I found that I had left so many items at home or there were so many basic supplies that I needed and had completely forgot about.

For one thing, if you make one your freshman year, you’ll pretty much never have to make another one again. The only thing you might need to do is tweak the list a little bit  each year depending on where you’re living whether it be in a dorm, or a campus apartment or even off-campus housing. However, you’ll find that 80% of items on the list you’ll never have to change.

Make different sections for different items. Subjects like: Bedding, Toiletries, Electronics, Clothing, Academic Supplies etc. Perhaps even a section for any personal items like that dinosaur wallet you love so much or your Superman cape that you secretly wear to help you focus with you work because it just makes you feel instantly cooler. Don’t lie. I know you have one at the back of your closet there…

Anyway, I’m telling you, lists can make everything so simple and easy and oddly enough, you can write them really fast. You can even make fun little squares or bubbles that you can fill in once you have everything you’ll need for school.

Another word of advice?

Make neat piles! Out of context, I know that sounds strange and random and even illogical but hopefully it’ll make sense once I explain it.

Let’s say you did go ahead and make a fun list including stuff like notebooks, a comforter, that dinosaur lamp and your Superman cape. Now that you have bought and collected everything written down on the list start bringing that list to life!

You made different sections right? Like the Bedding, Electronics etc. Well, gather all your bedding, and I mean all of it, and put it in a neat pile somewhere in your house. Get all those sheets, pillow cases, throw blankets, throw pillows, comforters, actual pillows and knitted quilts and just push them into one corner or nook of your house and keep them there until you actually do the physical packing for school.

I know it sounds ridiculous but it certainly helps. There’s no point going out and buying all those new supplies and then putting them away in appropriate spots around the house. By the time you actually pack for college, you won’t remember where in the world they are!

Organize your supplies and items into different piles or groups so that by the time you want to pack, you know exactly where they are.

Pack each group one by one, as well, so that you’ll know for a fact that you haven’t missed or forgotten anything! It will be kind of like a game. Like, pick up sticks or a race where who ever packs the most sections of items wins!

Packing doesn’t have to be a boring and prolonged job. We all know that it can take a while but with these few tips, it will go much faster than you realize and much more efficiently!

Hope these few words of wisdom has truly made you freshman older and wiser and ready to start your college experience!

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Nina Reichenberg, a junior at Syracuse University spent her first two years in the Communications Design Program but is now currently working towards a degree in Computer Art & Animation. Whilst at school, Nina spends most of her time animating, watching films, and working as a design intern at SYR Outside of SU, she enjoys traveling, singing, dancing, spending time outside and collecting thimbles.

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