Packing for College: My Printer Confession

My name is Betsy and I have one more semester left at the University of Illinois… and I have never personally owned a printer. Yes, life at college has been very hard for me, printer-less. Being a journalism major, I have had a lot of big writing assignments that I’ve had to do for classes. On top of that, I am also one of the worst procrastinators you will ever meet. Last minute, I would always be frantically searching for printers, asking friends if I could borrow theirs and running to computer labs, hoping I could make it back to class on time. My friends and roommates were always annoyed with me and I wasted a lot of time reformatting my Word documents onto the computer lab writing programs because it always messed up when I tried to print.

So why didn’t I just go get one?

That’s the question I asked myself every day. But I think what was stopping me was my procrastination. I often thought to myself after a stressful printer encounter, “Oh, I know how much of a pain this was for everyone, especially me, but everything worked out and I got my paper printed…I don’t want to think about printers until I need to.” And then I would forget about buying a printer until the day my next paper was due. It’s a silly way of thinking, I understand that, but if you only knew the trouble that I went through while trying to find a printer, you would be sick of the subject altogether too.

Hope is lost.

At this point…how do I get a printer? I am not going to be going to grad school, so is it necessary for me to get one? Probably. But the thought of purchasing a printer makes me sick. I know every time I look at it, I will always think, “Why didn’t I just buy you earlier? You’re so convenient! You make my life so much easier! I HATE YOU!” I will just be overcome with sadness knowing that I am not going to be able to use the printer as much as I could have if I only would have purchased it at the beginning of college.

Plus, I already have so many library cards and computer lab passes I had to sign up for in order to use their printers. It seems like this is the life I have chosen for myself. It’s tough. It’s very tough…

Don’t be like me.

Invest. Please invest in a printer. You will need it. You will use it. And you will love it. Owning a printer will make your college life a lot easier. Because whether you’re a journalism major or an aerospace engineering major, you will have papers that you will need to have printed. Don’t make your life harder than it needs to be like I did by adjusting your life schedule to the always changing schedule at the computer lab nine blocks away. Just get yourself a printer. You’ll be happy you did.

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Betsy Loeb

Betsy Loeb

Betsy Loeb is a senior at the University of Illinois majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She lacks the ability to draw, so she loves being able to express her creativity instead through her writing. She considers herself the “coolest nerd,” spending many Friday nights indoors playing Guitar Hero and discussing Pokemon cards with her friends.