How To Party Safe In College

One of the best things about college is the social life. You’re literally surrounded by thousands of people your age, not only on campus but also in the city where your school is located. When you put a bunch of 18-23 year olds in one area for ten months to twelve months, there’s bound to be a lot of social activity, so it’s important to learn how to party safe.

If you’re the partying type, you will find plenty of opportunities to do so in college. It’s fun to put academics aside every once in a while and go out with your friends, meet new people, and just let loose. However, partying can quickly change from harmless fun to a dangerous situation if you’re not careful about it. Here are some tips on how to party safe so that your good times stay good.

5 Ways To Party Safe In College

1) Know your limits. Knowing your limits incorporates several things. First off, you want to make sure that your partying doesn’t interfere with your academics, so be aware of how often you’re partying and when you’re partying. You don’t want to overdo it and fall behind. Secondly, be smart about how hard you party. Alcohol is very accessible in college and new students will be tempted to overindulge which can lead to very serious consequences. Just be careful and party safe!

2) Use the buddy system. This rarely happens, but don’t go to a party alone! Go with at least one or two friends and make sure to either stay with them or keep in contact throughout the night. It’s very important to party safe by having another person know where you are, just in case you run into some trouble. Also, you’re less likely to be approached in a negative way if you have a friend by your side.

3) Don’t wander off. This is related to the ‘party safe by using the buddy system idea.’ Don’t leave the party for an isolated place on your own or with someone you don’t know. Although you may be with someone your age who seems friendly, you never know what people are capable of. People who hurt others at college parties are not the ones who look menacing or dangerous. They’re the ones who are naively trusted. If you’re in an isolated place, it’ll be harder for people to help you. So don’t wander off; its not a good way to party safe.

4) Travel light. Only take what you absolutely need with you when you go to a party. Keep all valuables at home, except for a cellphone and emergency money. This is a fantastic way to party safe. Crowded spaces are prime opportunities for thieves to steal your stuff, and it’s virtually impossible to recover what you lose. If you want to party safe, don’t set down your belongings in places where they can easily be taken. Also, it’s very easy to misplace your things, so make sure to travel as light as possible.

5) Plan ahead. Figure out what you’re going to do before you actually go out. Your ‘party safe’ checklist can include things like: assigning a designated driver, setting a meet-up time at the end of the night, pairing up, and  calculating the taxi fare. That way you’re prepared for most situations and can focus your energy on having fun at the party.

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