Personality Test

When students are preparing for college and life beyond, there are many decisions to be made.

What do you want to major in? Which extracurriculars do you want to try out? What kind of subjects do you want to explore? What career do you want?

Before making these decisions, it’s helpful to know what kind of person you are by taking a personality test.

A soft-spoken person probably won’t want to take speech classes or be a public speaker. A person who likes to use their artistic skills probably wouldn’t be interested in being an accountant. Someone with good sense of humor and great comedic timing may want to use these gifts in their professional life.

With that being said, are you looking to learn more about yourself?

This free personality test will give you a chance to explore specific traits about yourself from what you enjoy doing to what your friends might say about you in order to determine what kind of personality you posses.

Having a strong hold on your personality will make it much easier to discover what you truly love doing!

Let’s get started! Take this personality test below:

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Molly Stallman

Molly Stallman

Molly Stallman is a senior at DePaul University working toward an English degree with an emphasis on Creative Writing. She also has a minor in Digital Cinema. Molly especially enjoys spending time with loved ones, listening to music, watching movies/television and playing with her dogs. She also has a passion for antiques, crafts, animals, photography and the great outdoors.