Physical Therapy Colleges

Are you interested in a career in physical therapy (PT)?  There are tons of physical therapy colleges in the U.S.  Physical therapy colleges typically offer masters or doctorate degrees.  Very few physical therapy colleges offer an undergraduate degree in this area.  Therefore, students interested in this field should focus their undergraduate studies in a science/medicine discipline.

However, students must also earn a graduate degree in order to practice in this field.  When considering physical therapy colleges, you should make sure to choose a school that’s accredited by the American Physical Therapy Association.

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy colleges teach students how to prevent and treat conditions that hinder a person’s ability to move and function.  Almost anyone can benefit from physical therapy, everyone from small infants to injured sports athletes.  It is common for physical therapists to treat patients with multiple sclerosis, head injuries and other neuromuscular disorders.

Getting Accepted to Physical Therapy Colleges

In order to get accepted into physical therapy colleges, students must perform well in biology, anatomy, physiology, and mathematics in undergrad.  Also, volunteer experiences in a clinical setting or CPR certifications are a definite plus.

Student who attend Physical Therapy Colleges…

1.  Attend grad school for at least 2-3 years

2.  Take a lot of science courses

3.  Are taught to identify and treat patient problems

4.  Practice skills in clinical settings through internships

5.  Usually have a strong interest in science, sports/exercise, and helping others

Top 23 Physical Therapy Colleges

There are hundreds of physical therapy colleges (or universities that offer physical therapy programs) in the U.S.  In this post, I’ll highlight the top 25:

1.  University of Southern California

2.  University of Pittsburgh

3.  Washington University in St. Louis

4.  University of Delaware

5.  University of Iowa

6.  US Army-Baylor University

7.  Arcadia University

8.  MGH Institute of Health Professions

9.  Northwestern University

10.  University of Miami

11.  Emory University

12.  University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill

13.  Duke University

14.  University of California (San Francisco)

15.  New York University

16.  University of Florida

17. University of Illinois – Chicago

18.  University of Maryland – Baltimore

19.  Creighton University

20.  Marquette University

21.  Ohio State University

22.  University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

23.  University of Utah

Something Else to Keep In Mind about Physical Therapy Colleges…

A doctorate degree from one of the physical therapy colleges could be required to get the best jobs in the physical therapy field.

I hope this information about physical therapy colleges was helpful to you.  Continue to research the various programs at each of the colleges listed above to identify which program would be the best fit for you.

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