Preparing for College Over the Summer

Your high school days are behind you; summer is finally here!  You can already smell that ocean breeze drifting your way.  It is an amazing accomplishment to feel, but do not let this catch you off guard.  There is still plenty of work still to be done once you’ve gotten your acceptance letter.

Make Lists and Plan

I cannot stress this enough.  Make as many lists as you possibly can.  This can range from what you need to bring with you to the things you still have left to take care of.  Planning for college can be a stressful time, so make sure you have everything in order.  Get recommendation letters ahead of time while your still in your senior year of high school, send your transcripts over as soon as you can, plan a day to attend orientation during the summer, etc.

Remember to write down the dates of when certain documents are due.  Most schools have a time period of when you are able to send in paperwork, and if you miss it it could potentially cost you your attendance.

Also, be aware of your money management.  If the costs of attending just aren’t adding up with the numbers in your bank account then a loan will be your best bet.  This is totally acceptable, but be aware you should apply for one ahead of time so that there’s a reasonable amount of time for it to process through and be distributed by the school you’re attending.

Buy Ahead of Time

Whether you’re choosing to live in the dorms or in an apartment off campus buy your supplies ahead of time.  Don’t wait till the last minute to buy furniture for your living room or find out that you need to supply your own mattress.  My advice?  Contact either the student living center for dorm rooms or your apartment complex to see if they can provide a list of necessities.

If you’re living in the transfer dorms or apartments, like I did, they will provide you with the most basic essentials such as a mattress and frame, couch, coffee table, and dining room table with chairs.

Prepare for the Goodbyes

That long awaited time as finally come – the end of summer and the start to new beginnings.  You knew this would be coming, and hopefully you planned for it.  Hang out with friends whenever you can.  That dreaded moment of moving apart was bound to happen eventually, so now is the time to spend time together when possible before you have to put miles between everyone.  And try to squeeze as much time for your family members; you know just how much they’re going to miss you.

This will probably be the hardest part of all, leaving your home behind.  All the paperwork and things to get will of course be a lot to handle, but leaving loved ones behind will most definitely hit home the hardest.  So, instead of saying goodbye, say you’ll see them soon.

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Kali White

Kali White

Kali White is a junior at the University of California, Davis pursuing a degree in Communications and a minor in Sociology. Her goal is to have a career working for a publication company writing and editing. In her free time she enjoys the outdoors, reading, playing and listening to music, and travelling.