Protect Your Stuff When Moving Away From Mom and Dad

You are finally moving out on your own and adulthood is about to begin. You’ve dabbled with responsibility here and there, and now it’s time to go big and move from the parents’ home to your college town.

Whether you’ve chosen dorm life or to share an apartment, your speakers, television, lounge chair, Brita water filter, foosball table and even your laundry hamper are going to need sufficient protection.

Right now, your life is in front of you and it’s a tad bit frightening. To keep you sane and happy, you’ve decided to bring along a few necessary creature comforts. Here’s how to protect your valuable possessions.

Move and Store Items Properly

Sometimes your car alone won’t hold everything, especially if you have an apartment lined up. Consider home moving companies to take on the burden of the move. Before the journey, secure a storage unit to hold any extra items you want to keep but can’t fit in your new place. Don’t rely on mom and dad for everything. There are numerous ways to prepare your belongings to ensure they will be in the same condition when you get them out of storage as they were when you put them in.

A simple way to help protect your things from condensation and flooding is to put everything on wooden pallets. When stacking items, don’t push anything directly against the wall. This will help with ventilation and keep bugs out. Once your unit is fully loaded, cover everything with plastic sheeting to provide extra protection.

Remember to pay your storage bill every month so you don’t see your unit up for auction as you watch the television show “Storage Wars” in your new apartment. “Hey, that bookcase looks familiar!”

Get Renters Insurance

This is the easiest of the three steps, as it only takes a simple phone call and some paperwork. Renters insurance is one of those things that most people do not think about, but if something happens and you need it, you will be glad you took the time to get it. Some apartments require it before you even get the keys. Plus, it is usually inexpensive.

Insurance will protect you against theft, burglary, fires and sometimes any damage that you cause to the home. Some renter’s policies also include natural disaster coverage. It is important to talk with your agent to be clear about what is and isn’t covered with your policy. Pair renter’s insurance with your auto coverage.

Another important step in insuring your items is that you take an inventory of what you own. Make a list of all your big-ticket items and save any receipts you have for them as well. Take pictures or a video of everything. That way, if you do need to file a claim, you will easily be able to prove what you are owed.

Protect Your Home

It is important to look at your home from a burglar’s point of view. Where is the easiest place to break in? You should put extra time into securing that area. Never let it be known that you are out of town. You can do this by putting your lights on timers and stopping your mail. Deterrents such as motion-activated and timed lighting are also a great ways to prevent theft.

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