Qualities of a Good Leader

A lot of us dream of becoming a great leader. It’s one thing to dream it, it’s quite another to actually become one.

You don’t just one day decide to become a good leader, you have to work at it constantly with your mind being first and foremost at your goal rather than being like a politician and thinking about how to build yourself.

I have some experience in the realm of leadership, being an Eagle Scout and the Vice-President on my local B’nei Brith Youth Organization (BBYO) chapter in high school.

I can tell you what I did that allowed me to be a good leader in both of those instances. Here are what I believe to be the qualities of a good leader.


For whatever you want to lead in, you have to be passionate about it. To become an Eagle Scout, I had to do an Eagle Project that took up a lot of my time. At first it went along very slowly because my heart wasn’t really in it. I viewed it as if it were a boring homework assignment.

Eventually, my outlook on it evolved into that what I was doing was for a good cause (collecting used and new DVDs and video games for the Oakland Children’s Hospital and then setting up an organization system for them). I became passionate in wanting to help out the hospital, and all of a sudden I was able to get the project done a lot faster. And not just faster, it went well.

Likewise, for my stint as VP of my BBYO chapter, I was very enthusiastic about my job. I wanted the position very badly, and when I got it I never viewed it as a burden but as something I enjoyed doing. My job in a nutshell involved creating the calendar of events for my chapter and overseeing the planning and executing of events.

Most people would view that as a lot of work, but I loved every minute of it. The chapter ended up responding positively and there was a dramatic improvement in events. I was able to do at least what I thought was a good job because I was passionate about what I did, and my passion reflected the outcome of my work in both areas.


You have to be 100% committed to what you are doing, set deadlines and goals for yourself. You get what you put into it. I feel this is connected with being passionate about what you’re doing- if you’re passionate about what you do, the harder you’ll work on it.


Another one of the qualities of a good leader is to be willing to listen to feedback about the job you’re doing and learn what you can do better next time.


A good leader is laissez-faire – meaning he or she is hands-off as much as possible. When executing my Eagle Project, I was told that basically my volunteers were the one who had to do all the work, I just had to oversee them. I just had to write-up the plan, and tell them what to do and then just make sure they were doing it right.

Likewise, with being VP, the goal was to be innocuous during events, because a successful event happened when the event planners were in complete control with what was going on. Basically, a good leader has the plan and does a good job overseeing those who plans it- which when done correctly, means you’re not meddling with every little detail your workers do.

I hope this helps you identify the qualities of a good leader.

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Aaron Bandler

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