Questions for the College Interviewer

As mentioned in a few of the other posts, some colleges will require an interview.  If the college that you are applying to requires or recommends an interview, try to schedule it during your campus visit.

In preparation for the interview, you should review all of the information that you have about the college, as well as any notes that you may have taken, and put together a list of questions that you want to ask in your interview.

Here are some questions to consider asking:

1.  What makes this college unique?

2.  Tell me more about the college’s (fill in the blank) program.

3.  Are computers easily accessible on campus?

4.  Tell me more about the college’s academic advising system.

5.  Approximately how many students will be in the courses I’m likely to take my freshman year?

6.  Are courses taught by full-time professors or TA’s (teaching assistants)?

7.  What types of extracurricular activities are on campus?

9.  If I qualify for work-study, what kinds of jobs campus jobs could I get?

10.  Is the school planning on adding any new programs or facilities in the next couple years?

After the Interview

After you finish the interview, be sure to write down your impression of the college while it’s still fresh in your memory.  Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to help with this process:

1.  Were the people friendly?

2.  Did they answer all of your questions?

3.  What did you think of the students you encountered?

4.  Did you sense that the interviewer was interested in you as a student?

5.  Did you like the social atmosphere?

6.  Were you impressed by the campus?

7.  What are your thoughts on the various academic programs offered?

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