Questions To Ask A College Admissions Counselor

While not every perspective student is required to meet with an admissions counselor, most colleges recommend an interview.

The goal of this interview is for students to learn more about the college–ask specific questions that they might not have had the chance to ask during a campus tour. This interview also gives the college a chance to learn more about the perspective student and to make sure that the student would be happy and successful.

An interview at a school that you’re very interested in can be a very nerve-wracking experience. A lot of studenst simply don’t know what questions to ask a college admissions counselor. However, just like any other type of interview, it’s important to stay relaxed and just be yourself.

Remember, many colleges want you to go there just as much as you want to go there. That being said, an interview with a college admissions counselor also gives you the chance to show off a little bit and provide supplement information about yourself that you might not mentioned in your application.

In the video below, Eric Rowell, an admissions counselor from Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, shares some insight into the interviews he does on a daily basis. One very interesting thing that he told me was that interviews usually do not have as big of an influence as people think they do.

He said that it’s primarily just a time for perspective students and the college to get to know each other a bit more. Enjoy!

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Jack Cullen

Jack Cullen

Jack Cullen is a senior at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois, and is pursuing a degree in multimedia journalism and mass communication. Outside of the classroom, Jack writes for his college’s newspaper as well as a local daily newspaper. Jack is also the captain of the men’s varsity tennis team at Augustana. When he’s not on the court or searching for his next story to cover, Jack loves traveling and taking adventures with his friends and family.