Questions to Ask During Campus Tours – Part 1

Let’s face it…there is no brochure or campus pamphlet that can give you a complete picture of a college or university.  Going on a campus visit is absolutely the best way to get a feel for what a college is really like.

When you’re ready to go on a campus visit, check out the website of the college you’re interested in visiting.

Since most colleges encourage campus visits, they typically have specific pages on their website dedicated to helping you plan one.Once you’ve settled on a date, either sign-up online or contact the admissions office directly.

While you’re on campus, try to meet with someone from the admissions office, take a tour of the campus, talk to students, eat in the cafeteria, and pick up a copy of the student newspaper.

Below are some questions that you can ask and consider:

Ask Current Students…

1.  How many hours do you study each day?

2.  Are there a lot of jobs on campus for students?

3.  Are your professors generally accessible outside of class if you have questions?

4.  Do a lot of students go home on the weekend?

5.  Is there a workout facility?

6.  How do you like the food?

7.  Is it quiet enough to study in your dorm room, or do you have to go to the library?

8.  What’s the library like?  Can you usually get all your research done there?

9.  Do you feel academically challenged at this school?

10.  What do you like most/least about this school?

11.  If you had to go through the college application process again, would you still choose this school?

While Observing A Class, Ask Yourself…

1.   Do students generally seem interested in the material?

2.  Are students engaged in the lecture?  Are they participating?

3.  Do students seem prepared for class?

4.  Do students seem like they’re learning?

5.  Does there appear to be good camaraderie between the professor and the students?

6.  Would I feel comfortable in this setting?

While Touring the Campus, Ask Yourself…

1.  Are the buildings in good shape?

2.  Are the computers and lab equipment modern?

3.  Do they have on-campus activities that I would be interested in?

4.  Are the residence halls (dorm rooms) nice?

5.  Are the common areas (i.e. laundry and kitchen areas) nice?

6.  What’s the cafeteria like?  Do I like the food?  Are there a lot of food choices?

7.  Are the campus grounds well-kept?

8.  What’s the surrounding town or city like?  Would I feel safe and comfortable here?

Your ultimate goal when you visit college campuses is to try to talk to as many people as possible.  Whether you’re on campus for an hour or a full day, you should try to get all your questions answers.

Refer to Part 2 of this posting, for additional campus tour tips and advice.

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