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Every student can relate to the underlying fear of entering a classroom on the first day, meeting your new professor and discovering there is something about them that you don’t like whatsoever.

Maybe they give unreasonable pop quizzes every class, maybe they spoon feed you the information like you’re a child, or maybe they are completely unreliable or unhelpful in helping you achieve your goals in class.

Whatever the case, I think every student would agree that knowing particular aspects of a professors’ work ethic or personality ahead of time would be extremely helpful when choosing classes.

Over my 3 and a half years as a college student, I have spent a lot of time searching professors on Google in order to find out more about them. As a freshman, I had no clue where to turn, and I experienced a couple of professors that I wasn’t happy with. Within my freshman year, I was introduced to a website called Ratemyprofessors.com.

This website is college gold.

RateMyProfessors.com is the largest site for professor ratings on the web today. The website is easy to browse and holds the names and student ratings of 1.7 million professors across the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.


As they say,

RateMyProfessors.com is built for college students, by college students.

RateMyProfessor.com features opportunities to…

  • see how other students rate and what they say about almost any given professor.
  • rate professors through their helpfulness, clarity, easiness, hotness and overall quality.
  • state the class you took with them, and leave specific comments on what you liked or disliked about them.
  • browse ratings by a specific university.
  • browse specific departments within that university.

Over the course of my college career, I have had great success with this website. I’ve used it every semester since I learned about it freshman year to see how others rate college professors on my schedule. There have been a few times that I couldn’t find a particular professor or the professor I was searching had little to no ratings, but I am pleased to say that every professor has met my expectations after viewing their ratings.

It is very important that you take each rating with a grain of salt. Not everyone is going to have the same experience or feelings toward a professor. I have seen multiple professors with mostly great ratings and a few bad ratings. To some people, the professor may be the best one they’ve ever had but to others they could have been a nightmare.

Here is an example:


In the above two ratings, each student clearly had pretty different thoughts on the same professor. One person’s negative rating had to do with the professors way of treating her students like children. The other felt she was fantastic, and extremely helpful in every way.

This is one reason why you need to look at this site with an open mind. Some people may feel like a professor does things in a certain dissatisfying way, while others may enjoy the way in which they do things.

The point is, don’t automatically write off a professor just because of a few bad ratings. Read each one, and think about what they are saying. Does being mothered a little bit by your professor sound completely awful to you? Or does that sound kind of nice?

Overall, if you want a good idea of how other students feel, visit this site. It can potentially save you from an awful professor or guide you toward a magnificent one.

Unfortunately, through my research I have yet to find another website that provides this service with such quality.

However, there are a few other ways you can try and figure out about professors at your school:

    • Ask around! There are plenty of students in your major that have had experience with a lot of different professors, especially juniors and seniors.
    • Check out your specific colleges’ Facebook page or website! Oftentimes other students might mention professors they’ve had, or your college may have its own ratings system that you can view.
  • See your major advisor!
      Oftentimes they are a professor themselves, or can offer a little bit of insight on other professors. Don’t outright ask them about anyone, but slyly mention a name and see what they say. It’s nice to get an opinion from someone you admire.
  • Just go to class!
        If you can’t find any ratings or hear any opinions, just go to class and find out for yourself. Chances are, no professor will be completely impossible to deal with. However, if they are you have options. Whether talking to the professor yourself, talking to a higher up or resulting in dropping the class, you have a way out if the situation calls for it.

Having ratings on hand before you take a class is a wonderful tool, but always remember that ratings are just opinions. Everyone has one, and not everyone is going to think the same way you do.

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Molly Stallman

Molly Stallman

Molly Stallman is a senior at DePaul University working toward an English degree with an emphasis on Creative Writing. She also has a minor in Digital Cinema. Molly especially enjoys spending time with loved ones, listening to music, watching movies/television and playing with her dogs. She also has a passion for antiques, crafts, animals, photography and the great outdoors.