Relax, It’s Just a Test: 8 Text Anxiety Strategies

It’s no secret that tests are one of the most stressful parts of school. The need for a good grade and the uncertainty of what to expect are all leading factors in developing test anxiety.

Unfortunately, test anxiety does not go away once you reach college. If anything, it can get worse. Students are so determined to get the best grade they can on tests that they allow anxieties to overrun their minds.

Tests are surprises. No matter how much the professors may help you prepare, you still don’t know what you are in for until you actually sit down to take the test. This is one of the main reasons test anxiety is so prevalent. While test anxiety is very common, it is also very possible to treat it.

Breathe and Relax. This is probably the biggest text anxiety strategy that can be offered. Relax! While the test is important to your grade, taking a test while under an extreme amount of stress can bring negative results. Just take deep breaths in and out to relax. Keep your health in mind.

Eat a Healthy Meal. If your test is in the morning, do not skip breakfast. Have a few piece of delicious fruit and oatmeal or a nice bowl of cereal. If it is in the afternoon, have a sandwich or salad. Whatever you like to eat, eat it! Just make sure it is healthy so that you will be running on healthy fuel. Taking a test without eating will lead to your hungry being a distraction.

Study, Don’t Stress. We often equate studying with stressful long night with energy drinks piled high and books scattered across dorm room floors. Try to avoid this at all costs. Studying is in preparation for the test, not another factor to add to stress anxiety. Set aside specific times to study and stay in that time frame. Try to study a little everyday so that you don’t have to cram information the night before the test. This will lessen test anxiety and allow you to have time to eat and sleep and actually breathe.

Sleep. Do not attempt all-nighters. I repeat, do not attempt all-nighters. Staying up all night to study is the quickest way to be riddled with test anxiety. Make sure that you get a good night’s sleep the night before your test. Try to remain well rested and healthy. Falling asleep during a test is a bad idea everyone and not a fond memory to look back.

Ask Your Professor. Your professor is there to help you succeed. That is their job. So if a certain topic is difficult for you to understand, do not hesitate to ask your professor for further explanation. Trying to figure out confusing topics without the help of your professors adds on to test anxiety when the test comes up. If you need to set aside a time to meet with your professor after class, do it. Get the most of your professor’s time and knowledge so that you can be as prepared as you can for the test.

Stay Positive. Don’t think about failing the test. Instead, think about doing great on the test and knowing the information like the back of your hand. Keep positive thoughts in your mind and speak them into existence. Constantly tell yourself that you will ace the test and do just fine. The best way to battle test anxiety is with positive thoughts that can and will wield positive outcomes.

Candy is Dandy. I know it is difficult to understand how candy and tests can go hand in hand. But studies have shown that eating a piece of candy while taking a test, specifically peppermints, can help to reduce test anxiety. So if you feel that this will be a good strategy for you, take a peppermint with you and eat it while taking your test. Just make sure to open the wrapper before the test begins so that you won’t distract other students during the test.

During the Test, Do Your Best. Test anxiety kicks in the most when you actually sit down to take the test. When the test is placed in front of you and you pick up your pen or pencil, make sure that you simply do the best that you can. Focus on your work and how well you can do. Read the directions as carefully as you can. One helpful tactic is to answer the questions you know well first before going back and working on the questions that will take a little more time for you to finish. Whatever tactics you have, implement them to the best of your ability. Do your best!

Don’t let test anxiety stop you from doing your very best. Take these strategies into consideration and work hard. Success is in your future, all you have to do is grab it. Remember that you take the test; the test does not take you! Stay focused, scholars.

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