Road Trip Ideas for College Students: Midwest Edition

With spring break just around the corner (okay, maybe not right around the corner, but with all that snow we’re getting, it’s nice to pretend,) it’s about time to start planning our trips.

Since most of us aren’t made of money, and with spring break-ers getting younger and younger every year, the beach trips down south are becoming a thing of the past.  So what can we do with our week off?  Road trip, of course!

If you still have to work and don’t have a lot of time to travel, there are plenty of options that won’t take up your whole week.

$$$ – Chicago, Illinois

The possibilities in Chicago are endless. There is something for everyone.  Are you a sports fan?  Go see a Cubs game. Music fan?  Check out some of their awesome music venues like the Congress Theater or the House of Blues.  Chicago also has a great nightlife..

Not to mention the shopping.  There are some of the biggest stores in Chicago, all down Michigan Avenue.  There is also Magnificent Mile and Navy Pier if you’re feeling a little touristy.  The only drawback to Chicago is that hotels in the central areas are pretty pricey.  Shop around before committing to a location.

$$ – Mackinac Island, Michigan

Any Michigander is more than familiar with Mackinac Island.  We take it for granted and I’m here to share the charming little island with people who aren’t from here.  At the tip-top of the Lower Peninsula, is home to an old-fashioned island that doesn’t even allow cars.

You park in Mackinaw City and take a ferry to the island, where you are free to walk around, rent bicycles, or take horse-drawn carriage rides (aww, romantic, much?)  There are plenty of little shops to walk around and restaurants and cafes to eat at.

$ – Cleveland, Ohio

Nobody understands the love that my friends and I have for Cleveland.  It’s about three hours from our hometown and we’ve taken spur-of-the-moment trips countless times. It’s a simple, cute little city that houses plenty of attractions.  The most notable is the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.  The museum is updated all the time, always adding new outfits worn by musicians or guitars played by rock stars.

Cleveland is also home to the house from the classic movie “A Christmas Story.”  Tours are given year-round, and patrons are able to take pictures and reenact scenes all they want.  And all of this can be done for under $50. Drew Carey said it best, Cleveland rocks.

Another exciting idea is to just get in the car without a destination in mind, and drive along the freeways until you see a sign for something interesting that catches your eye.  This is a good way to find new and exciting places. Make sure you pack your camera!  And if it turns out to be a dud, at least you’ll have plenty of restaurants to choose from on your way back!

Of course, all of these prices are relative to where you’re located. With gas prices skyrocketing, these trips may be a little pricier than I have them listed as.  Before you decide for sure where you’ll be going, be sure you’ve done research and know how much money you’ll be spending.  We college students have to budget!

Are you from the Midwest area?  What are some of your favorite places to road trip?

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Carmen Bojanowski

Carmen Bojanowski

Carmen Bojanowski is a senior at Eastern Michigan University, double majoring in journalism and communications. She writes for her college newspaper, mostly covering local bands and interns at 89x, a metro-Detroit radio station. She frequents the movie theater and when she has free time, she likes spend it with her friends. Carmen hopes to one day be a music journalist.