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Registered Student Organizations (RSO)

Getting socially involved on your college campus is the best way to get the ultimate college experience. Being an active part of the college community will provide you with so many academic opportunities as well as allow you to meet new friends with similar interests than you. So get involved…I’m serious, because this is where some of the best memories come from.

It is important to get started making your mark in your college history as early as possible. However, a lot of new students are under the impression that the only way to properly become socially involved on campus is through fraternities and sororities. This, my friends, is obviously very wrong.

The truth is there are tons of ways to get involved around your college campus WITHOUT signing away your soul to a sorority or fraternity. Instead of being someone’s slave for the first year of your college life, consider being part of Registered Student Organizations. RSOs are official groups put together by students which are recognized by the university for having a common idea or goal. For instance, I am part of the Pirate Club RSO. For people who like parrots, Jolly Rogers, piracy in general or just yelling, “ARGH!” the Pirate Club allows those students to get together and discuss pirate matters for a couple hours a week. Once a month, they even hold a fake pirate ship battle with water balloons.

Of course, this is one example of hundreds. The RSOs vary from University to University, but there is sure to be something for everyone. Volunteering opportunities, groups for minorities, sporting groups…the list goes on. Although I picked a goofy one, most of them are actually very educational. You can check the University’s website where they should all be listed.

The advantage of being part of Registered Student Organizations is you get an experience to learn a lot about the particular theme while making friends with the people who share the same interests as you. Making close friends when you are still new to the college environment can make the overall adjustment so much easier.

Register for one or a hundred and one… there is no limit to what it is you choose to be involved with, it just depends on what your hobbies or interests are. Unsatisfied with the selection of RSOs? Create a new one! It’s what you are able to take away from these organizations that really matters. The social and academic involvement that you get from RSOs are great opportunities that all students should take advantage of.

So make the most out of your college experience! Give a Registered Student Organization a chance! If you discover you don’t like your RSO theme or you decide you’re too busy to participate, worst-case scenario is you just get a bunch of emails you’re not interested in. So there’s really nothing to lose and so much to gain. Consider Registered Student Organizations as your campus involvement. You can thank me later.

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Betsy Loeb

Betsy Loeb

Betsy Loeb is a senior at the University of Illinois majoring in Broadcast Journalism. She lacks the ability to draw, so she loves being able to express her creativity instead through her writing. She considers herself the “coolest nerd,” spending many Friday nights indoors playing Guitar Hero and discussing Pokemon cards with her friends.