SAT Scores for Colleges

You’re all prepared to take the SAT exam…

– You’ve researched what schools you want to attend

– You’ve studied for the exam

–  You’ve registered for the exam

Now all you need to do is figure out the SAT scores for colleges and universities that you’re interested in applying to before you take the exam.

In this post, I’ll give you a list of top colleges by category (private, public, ivy, and non-ivy) so that you can get an idea of what the average SAT scores are for these colleges.

Before we continue with the SAT scores for colleges that I’ve outlined below, keep in mind that each college and university is different and therefore has different admissions requirements.  If the college or university that you’re interested in attending is not listed below, I would visit the school’s website, contact the school’s admissions office or talk with your counselor.

Below is a list of average SAT scores for colleges and universities by category and location.  I’ve only selected 5 schools for each category to give you an idea of average SAT scores for these types of colleges and universities.

Top Private Colleges

1.     Amherst (Amherst, Massachusetts)

Reading: 670-770

Math: 660-760

Writing: 670-760

2.     Carleton (Northfield, Minnesota)

Reading: 650-750

Math: 660-740

Writing: 650-730

3.     Grinnell (Grinnell, Iowa)

Reading: 630-740

Math: 620-720

Writing: Not Available

4.     Haverford (Haverford, Pennsylvania)

Reading: 650-750

Math: 640-740

Writing: 650-750

5.     Middlebury (Middlebury, Vermont)

Reading: 630-740

Math: 640-740

Writing: 630-740

Top Public Colleges and Universities

1.     College of William and Mary (Williamsburg, Virginia)

Reading: 620-730

Math: 620-720

Writing: 610-710

2.     Georgia Tech (Atlanta, Georgia)

Reading: 600-690

Math: 650-730

Writing: 590-680

3.     UCLA (Los Angeles, California)

Reading: 560-680

Math: 590-720

Writing: 580-700

4.     University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan)

Reading: 590-690

Math: 640-740

Writing: Not Available

5.     UNC (Chapel Hill, North Carolina)

Reading: 590-690

Math: 620-700

Writing: 590-690

Ivy League

1.     Harvard (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

Reading: 690-780

Math: 690-790

Writing: 690-780

2.     Brown (Providence, Rhode Island)

Reading: 650-760

Math: 670-770

Writing: 670-770

3.     Columbia (New York City, New York)

Reading: 680-770

Math: 680-780

Writing: 690-770

4.     Yale (New Haven, Connecticut)

Reading: 700-800

Math: 700-780

Writing: 700-790

5.     Cornell (Ithaca, New York)

Reading: 630-730

Math: 660-770

Writing: Not Available

Top Universities (Non-Ivy League)

1.     Duke

Reading (660-750)

Math (680-790)

Writing (680-780)

2.     Northwestern

Reading (670-750)

Math (680-770)

Writing (660-750)

3.     Notre Dame

Reading (650-740)

Math (670-760)

Writing (640-730)

4.     Stanford

Reading (650-750)

Math (680-780)

Writing (670-760)

5.     Vanderbilt

Reading (650-740)

Math (680-760)

Writing (650-730)

Keep in mind that average SAT scores for colleges vary over time, so your best bet is to contact the school directly to get the most up-to-date information.  However, I hope this gives you an idea of what you can expect.

Good Luck!

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