Say Goodbye To Your Unproductive Study Habits With These 5 Tips

It’s finally here!

You’ve graduated high school, the wait is nearly over and you’re gearing up to begin your new life as a college student, free from your parents’ control.

Awesome, right?

Kind of…

You have every right to be celebrating this new beginning, but there are also a few things you should remember about college.

  • Showing up for class is the only way you can pass.

Don’t listen to what your classmates tell you–getting up every morning and putting your butt in that chair it the only way to guarantee a good grade, no matter which class you’re taking.

Don’t rely on copying that smart-looking kid’s notes the next day and don’t think you can just read the text book before your final and you’ll be fine.

There’s a lot of information professors include in their lectures that isn’t in the book. The only way to get it? You guessed it: show up.

  • Develop your own note-taking method.

Whether if it’s on a laptop or in a spiral notebook, find the method of note-taking that works best for you.

I’ve found that professors speak at different speeds, so it’s important to find the method that allows you to get the information down the fastest and most accurately (don’t worry though: if you miss something, you can always raise your hand and ask your prof to repeat that last point).

  • You’re responsible for your schoolwork.

The fact of the matter is that your professors aren’t going to ask you where your missing homework is.If you don’t turn it in, you’re only hurting yourself.

You’re an adult and professors will be treating you like one, which means no hand-holding from them.

However, you can always ask questions if you don’t understand something (this is encouraged), but it’s up to you to get the assignment done.

  • You’ve got the afternoon free? Get some homework done!

I’ll be honest: when I first got to college, I loved all the free time I had between classes. I would relax, watch TV, do nothing (this meant no homework because, c’mon, I could do it later).

This was a HUGE mistake! My grades dropped before they even had a chance to get off the ground.

So learn from my mistake: if you have a few open hours, sign off Facebook, shut off the TV, and crack open a book.

Skim your notes from your last class. Get a head start on next week’s homework. If you stay ahead of your assignments, you’ll be saving yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.

  • Take advantage of all your school has to offer.

Having trouble with economics? Check out the tutoring center. Need help finding books for a research paper? Ask the reference librarian. Want to get involved on campus? Pay the student activities office a visit.

No matter what the problem, there’s someone on campus who can help. You’ve just got to ask!

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Ana Koulouris

Ana Koulouris

Ana Koulouris is a senior at Benedictine University in Illinois pursuing a degree in writing and publishing. When she is not at work in the Office of Admissions or on the university's newspaper, she can be found writing short stories, reading anything and everything, and spending time with family and friends.