School Sporting Events Can Enhance Your College Experience

Picture this: It’s a crisp, October Saturday, 20,000 screaming fans pack into a stadium. The band marches in with the team, and through that tunnel comes your men, proudly wearing the university’s colors.

The crowd goes wild.

This is college football, one of the many sports that contribute to unforgettable atmosphere created on a campus with prominent college athletics.

There is something to be said for attending a college or university that has a large athletic atmosphere. Attending a school like this can potentially alter your college experience and especially if you are a sports fan, enhance it as well.

Sense of Community

Whether or not you are a sports fan, attending a school that has a thriving athletic atmosphere can bring a sense of unity and community to your college experience and your surrounding peers.

Sports are a means of bringing people together and in many circumstances are beyond the idea of just being a game. The amount and diversity of people that are brought together for the common cause of a sporting event is a wonderful phenomenon.

Even on an international basis, events like the World Cup in soccer, or the Olympics, or national events like the Super Bowl or NCAA March Madness tournament engage a variety of audiences, some that aren’t even “sports fans.”

When you attend a university with a significant sports environment, you a connected with your student peers on a level that cannot necessarily be obtained at a school that lacks a prominent athletic environment.

The ‘Tailgating’ Experience

Tailgating is a popular college campus activity for big “sports schools” that creates a unique environment that connects students to each other for a common cause.

Cooking hot dogs on a grill off the back of your car while decked out in your school’s colors is not something you see happening for something like a concert or a theatrical play.

This is not to say there is anything wrong with either of those events, but sports have potential to be more unifying on a college campus.

Stadium Atmosphere

Another point to note is the community atmosphere created during the game. Whether it is a football game, basketball game, baseball or hockey game, a stadium atmosphere is like no other.

Students brought together in an arena, all collectively supporting the same team makes students feel connected and embody a sense of pride in their schools. This sense of pride can be carried on more sincerely after graduation with such a sense of connection tied to it.

From a business aspect as well, campuses that have lively athletic atmospheres have more thriving city atmospheres seen in the restaurants, bars and nightlife.

Schools that do not have “bid-deal” athletics at their school don’t have reasons to pack the local Buffalo Wild Wings for the big game, or have a large party atmosphere on a Saturday night after a big win. Schools thrive more in the social scene and city business aspect when sports are a big part of a university.

Bonding with Friends

Finally, sports at the college level expresses so much passion and demonstrates so much raw talent that even students who take no interest in sports usually can still enjoy the athletic events.

My friends and I have season football and basketball tickets at Michigan State University. While I’m a sports nut, some of my friends are the opposite. However, when the band starts to play, and the team sprints out, everyone cheers; sports fans or not.

Some of the greatest bonding experiences I’ve had during my college career has involved some types of sporting event. Last year I got to know the girls on my hall better when we all attending fall football games together.

So when you are considering the type of college you want to attend, keep in mind how influential a sports atmosphere could be to your campus life and atmosphere.

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