Should I Join A Sorority?

Heading to college this fall and wondering, “Should I Join A Sorority?

Continue reading this post to learn about my greek life experience at Central Michigan University.

My Experience

During my first semester at Central Michigan, I too contemplated greek life and wondered, “should I join a sorority?” I was always involved in high school and thought it may be a great way to get involved in college.

However, I was aware of the sorority stereotypes and was skeptical as to whether I wanted to associate myself with them. Needless to say I skipped out on going through recruitment.

My Roommate

When fall recruitment rolled around, one of my roommates informed me that she was going to rush. Each night, after recruitment, she would share all of her exciting stories.

As bid day neared and her excitement grew, I began to reconsider my decision and again asked myself the very same question you’re probably asking yourself right now, “should I join a sorority?

As the semester went on, I watched as my roommate met tons of new people and participated in a variety of fun events. Greek life had become a big part of her life and by the end of the semester; I knew I wanted to join a sorority.

My Recruitment Journey

Getting to know each sorority during my first semester helped me narrow down which houses I wanted to visit during spring recruitment. By the end of the week, I felt that same excitement my roommate had as I discovered which sorority I wanted to be a part of.

As the girls greeted me at my dorm room door in song, they handed me my bid invitation into their group and my adventure began.

As a junior, I can say joining a sorority has been one of the most beneficial decisions I have made in college. This experience has opened the door to so many opportunities and has helped me create friendships I may have not had otherwise.

Should I Join A Sorority?

Here are 3 main factors to take into consideration as you ask yourself, “should I join a sorority?”

  • Are you involved in extracurricular activities now?

If you are involved in sports or other clubs in high school, you may want to consider joining a sorority. I was very involved and social in high school and found my first semester at college to be a little boring because I was not a part of anything.

It’s hard to leave high school when you have created a close bond with your teammates or club members. So when you’re contemplating, “should I join a sorority?”…know that a sorority may be the answer to help fill that missing hole.

  • Is it within your budget?

Sororities require members to pay a set of active dues per semester. So when pondering, “should I join a sorority?”…get comfortable with the idea that you will have to fork out some additional money each semester.

This money goes towards your chapter’s activities, housing, and your sorority’s national association. If this is a concern, talk to your university’s office of Greek life prior to recruitment.

  • There is a place for everyone

While many people tend to put sororities under one stereotype, you must realize that each group is very different from one another. When going through recruitment you will connect with some sororities more than others, it’s all about finding that place that feels like home to you.

Try to put the stereotypes to the side and realize that there may be a sorority on your campus with a group of girls just like you!

So when you’re questioning, “should I join a sorority?”…keep these things in mind!

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Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Marie Trombly

Jane Trombly is a junior at Central Michigan University pursuing a degree in apparel merchandising with a minor in journalism. She has also participated in a study abroad program at the University of East London. At school, Jane is an active member of the Greek community, and CMU’s fashion association. In her spare time, Jane enjoys spending time with friends and family, traveling, and writing for her very own fashion blog.
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