Should You Bring A Car To Campus?

Bringing a car to school can be a blessing and an annoyance. For some it’s necessary, others merely a luxury. Here are some topics or scenarios to go over before you think about being mobile at college.

  • Parking

I’m not just talking about where you are going to park your car permanently, but where there is to park around your college. Obviously, if you’re going to school in a major city, having a car can easily become more of an inconvenience then a benefit.

Unless you’re planning on or need to go home every weekend, you’re going to be better off using the public transportation system. In college towns and schools with lots of off campus housing, parking shouldn’t be as much of a problem. Either way, it is one of the main factors you should investigate when you visit a college if you are thinking about taking a car.

  • Money

Gas, parking meters, garages, insurance, yearly parking permits, and the occasional parking ticket are going to leave another debt in your (most likely) shallow pockets. Add that to typical maintenance fees and your car could easily become a constant leech draining your cash.

You can always balance this out a bit by charging a small fee to your friends for being the D.D. for a weekend or by walking to class more. That being said, it’s important to figure out how much you’ll actually be using your car to determine if it’s financially beneficial or depressing.

  • Two vs. Four 

It’s pretty common to see students zipping off to and from class on mopeds in college. Of course, there are many benefits to have from sacrificing the traditional car for the more compact scooter – less gas, easier parking and the same mobility as a typical vehicle.

Another perk, there are often leasing services or a way to rent one monthly or yearly. Look on campuses for kiosks or businesses like this popular one we have at the University of Iowa.

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Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack

Lawrence Mack is a junior at the University of Iowa majoring in English. When he’s not exercising, eating, reading, writing short stories, or scouring the web, Lawrence is contributing to other blogs. An avid Harry Potter fan, self-proclaimed StumbleUpon and YouTube addict, and underrated when it comes to taking naps, Lawrence is looking forward to studying abroad in Thessaloniki, Greece over the Spring Semester of 2012.