Should You Bring Your High School Sweetheart To College?

Does your high school sweetie belong with you at college? Maybe.

Many incoming freshman struggle with the decision to stay with their significant other during college whether or not they are both attending the same school.  This is a decision that varies in significance to different couples depending on how long they have been dating. But the truth is, a decision like this has the potential to shape your freshman year, so choose wisely.

Okay, I’m sorry to put so much pressure on you like that. Let’s look at a couple different situations you might run into and go from there.

1. The long-term sweetheart. Most people that have been in a relationship for longer than a couple months have a hard time splitting ties easily. This could be a situation where breaking up might not be the best option, but that should be decided mutually between you and your partner. If you are attending the same school in the fall, it will be easy to sustain your relationship, but you want to make sure you are still expanding your horizons socially and academically. On the other hand, if you are preparing for a long distance relationship, make sure you discuss how you will communicate, inform each other of new people entering your life and try to visit each other if feasible.

2. The short-term sweetheart. Maybe you two have been dating a couple months or maybe a little more. You have fun, you laugh, you play, but if you can’t see a future, you may want to reconsider putting this person on your college packing list. Colleges are filled with thousands of people, so if more stress will be caused by the two of you staying together than would be caused by meeting others, a break-up might be in order, unfortunately. If this person is someone you have fun with but not necessarily a deep, personal connection with, or someone you do not “label” as your boyfriend or girlfriend, you might want to explore new people.

If I leave you with any advice, you must be prepared for change. You may be the most strong-minded, “set in your ways” kind of person, but you will still change even if you don’t think you will or don’t plan to.

You can potentially change more during the first two years of your college career than any other time in your life.

Your values, traditions, interests and relationships are challenged when you are exposed to a new, semi-permanent environment like a college campus. If you plan to stay with your significant other during college, you must be able to accept change and grow together.

This may sound corny but once you are in college, relationships can be viewed much more seriously and you could be making a decision that could affect the path of your college career—who you meet, and who you don’t let yourself meet. So before making any rash decisions, talk it over with your sweetie and do what is actually best for both of you, not just what short-term feelings may dictate.

Remember, sometimes it’s better to follow your head, and sometimes it’s better to follow your heart.

The choice is yours.

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Madeline Fetchiet

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